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  1. Ok I think I got it now, or at least better. The view in the s5 sequence editing window is still messed up but it gives me all the channels and tracks, now I can edit everything from the s5 sequence edit window then export maybe. I am going to give myself two years to get this running and leave s4 on the show computer for now. Thanks for the help.
  2. In s5 I open an s4 sequence, ignoring all the errors and start your directions? S5 has blown up my sequences from s4 so I am trying to find a good base template to start rebuilding all my sequences, a base template that has all my original channels. Some subtracks in s4 have channels not found in track one. I am trying not to rewrite everything in s5 to save time.
  3. I can bring up an s4 sequence in s5 and I have tracks but if I use the s4 sequence to make a preview I lose the tracks if I use that preview to create a new sequence. Am I doing something wrong or does s5 not use tracks?
  4. "I believe once you import your animation most of your problem should go away." I have figured that part out maybe. In Previews I Import SE Animation using the sequence itself finding most of the channels in conflict. I have tried to delete the conflicting channels and they get removed from the preview, then tried to click on them and saved changes but the changes don't save. Shouldn't be a problem because S4 works for me now and the only reason why I wanted to go to S5 was to add pixels but if S4 can handle pixels than I think that's the way to go is with something that has work flawle
  5. Thanks guys for all your help the main problem is most of the channels are in conflict and the warning says those lights will not be controlled. It was said a little clean up was needed but when most of the channels need cleaned up what a pain and I was told most of the problems come from pilot error, true I must say. I will keep the show pc with s4 alone for 2021 that way I am guaranteed to have a working show next season. Again thanks for the help I will be reaching out to you again soon I'm sure.
  6. I just now found out about the backward compatibility issue myself by a few of you emailing me and phone calls, so now onto building everything all over again.
  7. Backward compatibility I have found is not in S5. S5 has a problem with views created in the old animation window and multiple tracks. No matter what is done, yes you can load the s4 sequence in S5 and yes the animation window kinda comes up but all the files have a conflict and the warning says it will not play the lights. I just had conversations with two people telling me the same problems and the only way to fix it is to rebuild the sequences in S5. Yes you could call it a super string, four channels with four colors. Boom that worked thanks looks a lot better that way.
  8. Hummm must have a problem here with creating a preview. Four lines side by side, four channels four colors. Been working on it two days now with nothing to show for it watched the videos over and over again and the videos have different versions than the new one I loaded yesterday morning, layout looks different too and have not found an erase button yet like in S4. On the import issue ALL the sequences have most of the 2000 channels in error and have not found a way to correct those errors. I understand S5 is new to me but all previous versions of software asked to convert to the current vers
  9. Building a Preview from scratch is something I have been working on with many problems. If drawing four lines side by side for a fence trim the highlighted line will not release so you cannot move another line until you keep clicking all around it to make it release with the setup screen popping up all the time nor does the aline tools work. As for channel assignments matching exactly like you guys found out it looks like I will need to rebuild all my sequences by hand something I might not have time for this year if I'm adding a big pixel tree. From what I am reading S5 is for the new people
  10. I have tried everything to figure out how to fix or why most of my s4 sequences channels come up with "Not Matched" in the upgrade legacy sequence page. Those sequences are almost 2000 channels with varying layouts over the years. I tried to build a preview by importing se animation from that one sequence but same problem most channels are not matched. I have built many sequences from 2006 until this season but none will migrate correctly. If s4 can handle pixels why change to s5 if s5 is so problematic? I really need an answer please.
  11. Thanks for the help and I just noticed I posted this in the wrong spot.
  12. I am running 90+ 16 channel controllers on 4 networks now. I am looking at adding 8 controllers with 16 strands at 100 nodes each, 12,800 total nodes. S4 Pro has ran flawless for years and everyone says S5 is the way to go. But from what I'm reading there are so many problems converting years and years of varied channels layouts into S5 without a major rebuild of all my files. I have worked on this all day without one file being converted. If S4 will work than I will move back to S4 and work with something I already know.
  13. I have loaded s5 and am hammering away with trying to move s4 sequences over with no luck most channels "channels will not be controlled by s5". My question is can s4 run a tree with 12,800 pixels?
  14. I have been doing a bunch of reading on mega trees with pixels and from the info I have found so far it looks like I will need 8 controllers with 16 strands per controller at 100 pixels per strand. Unless I am reading the information wrong. I have 64 steel cables on my current mega tree I would need to add 64 more cables. I also found trampoline springs for cheap to keep the cables tight.
  15. I have a good friend who helped me get started with LOR in 2007 he now has a pro lighting company. I have asked him for quotes that way I can just worry about programming. Everything around here for LOR has got to be ready by October 1st. But 2021 really starts next week and the install of lights starts the last week of July. Gives me a lot on my plate for 2021 season. Thanks guys for your help I am sure I will have more questions later.
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