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  1. Ya I'm am finding all this out now, being very careful how to rename everything. I wish it could have been like in s4 you just updated the sequences to the newest version of software.
  2. I think I found it. I found one prop called beat track so I can add that prop below a line to make my spacing looks like it works.
  3. S5 removed all my spaces and blank channels. It would be really nice to have those back but I don't see a way to add spaces in SE.
  4. The greatest problem I am having is how s5 rewrote most of my channel names then sorting them by the new name. So I can't use preview to modify anything because the prop is blown up all up and down the screen and in preview you can't move channels like in the SE. I find it odd that the Previews are used to create new sequences. As I am working on a sequence called "template", S5 is updating the preview. I find that odd because if you screw up a sequence then that mistake will be carried into your next sequence if you use the same preview. In S4 you couldn't mess up your template because it was
  5. True, I need to rewrite everything in s5 SE first to update the preview because the way I wrote the names of the channels in s4 the design window in s5 is splitting up the props sometimes three different places making a huge mess. In s4 a tree in "yard" track is a different from a tree in the "oaks" track but s5 combines them together making for a tree that was 16 channels now 128 channels long with it sorted as controller address 1 - 8 first then by channel number second making for an amazing mess. So I must rewrite all the names to make sure they don't overlap each other and watching how it
  6. I am seeing where in the design window its sorting by the first digit and alphabetically making it almost impossible to edit 1900 channels where half a prop is half way down the list.
  7. Working on that just trying to find a faster way. Using your method I think as I edit a sequence in SE its updating the preview at the same time.
  8. Yes I got that part but my preview was still messed up. I think I see where as I edit a sequence using the SE window and rewrite the channels descriptions and move the channels to the rightful places its updating the preview at the same time so I might be on the right track.
  9. I am just rambling here but in s4 you could export your channel config but I don't see where you can do that in s5.
  10. I have s4 on another computer so what if I make a sequence with all the channels but with no tracks then I would have all the channels on one page, then use that as a s5 preview?
  11. Ok I have tried to find a way to clean up the mess s5 migration has made and I have have hit a stone wall. If I import a view s5 blows up the order of all my channels, rewrites the tags and many others are missing. So I opened an s4 sequence, cleaned up one track and am able to export those tracks but I can't find a way to export it to create a view to use as a template. I understand I will need to rebuild my complete template but I am trying to find a faster way other than printing a s4 template and manually entering every line in s5. Maybe s5 won't work with my s4 sequences?Please no snappy
  12. Ok I think I got it now, or at least better. The view in the s5 sequence editing window is still messed up but it gives me all the channels and tracks, now I can edit everything from the s5 sequence edit window then export maybe. I am going to give myself two years to get this running and leave s4 on the show computer for now. Thanks for the help.
  13. In s5 I open an s4 sequence, ignoring all the errors and start your directions? S5 has blown up my sequences from s4 so I am trying to find a good base template to start rebuilding all my sequences, a base template that has all my original channels. Some subtracks in s4 have channels not found in track one. I am trying not to rewrite everything in s5 to save time.
  14. I can bring up an s4 sequence in s5 and I have tracks but if I use the s4 sequence to make a preview I lose the tracks if I use that preview to create a new sequence. Am I doing something wrong or does s5 not use tracks?
  15. "I believe once you import your animation most of your problem should go away." I have figured that part out maybe. In Previews I Import SE Animation using the sequence itself finding most of the channels in conflict. I have tried to delete the conflicting channels and they get removed from the preview, then tried to click on them and saved changes but the changes don't save. Shouldn't be a problem because S4 works for me now and the only reason why I wanted to go to S5 was to add pixels but if S4 can handle pixels than I think that's the way to go is with something that has work flawle
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