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  1. Simplest way to make licence max versions more obvious would be to add one extra screen in the install/upgrade program with a button that launches the licence check page in the default browser. Example, someone may download the LOR 3.9 file for a friend (who also has a LOR licence). The friend didn't download that file themselves and hence doesn't see the disclaimer listed online because they never fetched the file from there. The "Check Your Licence" link on the download page, while bold, was a good idea at the time it was added, because just about everyone needed to pay to renew their licenc
  2. Yep, indeed the note from bob on the forum is appreciative. Just the people I have helped who needed to downgrade or pay to renew don't frequent the forum often enough to have read this note - or they wouldn't have needed my help . I can only imagine that as time goes on the licence max version for each user is going to vary more and more as people buy new licences or upgrade at different times of the year.
  3. This wishlist item comes about as a result of helping a few LOR S3 users who weren't aware that their S3 licence wouldn't include the 3.9.0 release and is just an idea that could prevent some potential headaches in the future. The release of a new version of the LOR Showtime Suite during Christmas display operation season has probably left some display operators scratching heads due to the software reverting to demo mode. While the software resetting to demo mode when the licence doesn't cover it is all by design, I think the only issue is that there are no visual indicators or checks that the
  4. Here's another "Yes" for this wishlist item being implemented - stay on top is great when playing a sequence but frustrating when wanting to stop playback of a sequence earlier than expected. It is during this where one must end the simulation mode of the visualiser and then go find the stop button in the sequencer. Perhaps by then the light pattern that one stopped the playback for to go fix is now off the screen, making the whole process a bit clunky.
  5. OK, have now noticed internal forum links bounce to forums.lightorama.com - this results in returning to the logged off state (cookie mismatch with lightorama.forumflash.com). But the good news? After logging in again at forums.lightorama.com , I see cookies are now being set for forums.lightorama.com. Which means the logged in state is working properly now at the correct URL (as linked to in the LOR mass email). So it looks like this is on the way to being fixed, touch wood!
  6. Yes, when the you are logged in message displays that's where it takes you - to lightorama.forumflash.com (but then spits you back to forums.lightorama.com seconds later) Hopefully others who have the issue will see this and will be able to get in to start posting again too.
  7. OK I figure this is the closest thread to make known a bug with the logging in process of the new IP.Board. When logging in from forums.lightorama.com, as linked to from a mass email received today, the logged in state does not update correctly. Here's what happens: After entering the correct details the forum goes to a page at lightorama.forumflash.com stating "You are now signed in". The forum then takes you back to forums.lightorama.com but not in the logged in state. Everything appears as if you are not logged in. Attempting to log in a second time from forums.lightorama.com bumps me to a
  8. Sounds great for remote killing a display away from home. Does the app require local network connection (wifi) or would it enable remotely disabling of a show? E.g. maybe weather conditions change unexpectedly and the show needs to be turned off for safety reasons. Is there a status function for downloading to the phone the current status - such as schedule disabled; schedule enabled - no show active; schedule enabled - show active; show on demanded - show ?
  9. Yes tryforfree was valid worldwide previously. The free computer competition, however, was US only.
  10. I use SnagIt's video option and it produces fine screen caps. I would gather both Camtasia and Jing would provide similar results (albeit with different settings and customisation perhaps!) as all three programs are made by the same company (TechSmith). The videos are mostly smooth, although colour fading RGB elements (vs overlapping individual colours) seems to be a little jerky when not rendering white. Observe*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UHliwwx9sU&hl=en&fs=1 * The sequencing is majorly unfinished. But it does show the results of videocapping the screen. I'd gather result
  11. Yes an e1.31 output will allow people to explore all kinds of intelligent lighting while using the Light-O-Rama software without being locked down to traditional 512 dmx channel limits. Hopefully along with the protocol support (which would be at high priority) we also get support for not only DMX-based intelligent lighting (added in 3.2.x - DMX based CCR strip) but also customised lengths, for example only half a CCR may be used on a fixture.
  12. G'day, There are many of us from Australia and indeed a handful from Adelaide. I'm from Salisbury East, Adelaide. I echo the above comment - head on over to http://auschristmaslighting.com - its a site catering for Aussie decorators but also sees people from other countries drop in regularly to ask questions. There's an interest topic on AusChristmasLighting for a 'miniature mini' get together in Adelaide for June 23 or 24 too. Topics which may be discussed/shown related to LightORama could be LOR S3 - what's new and different from LOR S2, how to make a basic sequence in LOR S3 and possibl
  13. Around 12 days for me. Not bad considering it had to be posted to Australia.
  14. What the CCR won't do, unlike multiple strings of regular light is allow you to have more than one colour per section. E.g., with regular lights you may have red and green lights turned on all at the same time. (Red) green red green red green. With the CCR, you could alternate each section (of 3 leds assuming a 50pixel resolution) red green red green, but the individual section would only be one colour. If you turned red and green on in the same section you would get the colour yellow. So yes you can make virtually any colour under the sun but each controllable section (by default 3 leds is
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