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  1. Could I get a copy too, please? Thanks Greetings from Puerto Rico luis.torrex@gmail.com
  2. The lights using the IC P9883 is new for this year. I want to know, is whether the Pixcon can work with these lights? As I said before, the advantage of these lights is, when one of pixel is damaged will not affect the other LEDs'working I use WS2811 and when a pixel is damaged, the signal does not pass to the next and the entire segment will not start(turns off)..It is for this reason that I would like that new technology. Yes , It is in Ray's site.
  3. Greetings to all I wonder if the lights with the new IC P9883 is compatible with the Pixcon controller. These lights if one is damaged the other lights will not turn off, jump the damaged and continuous (signal breakpoint continuous transmission). (one pixel damaged will not affect the other LEDs'working, Dual-signal wires; uses 4 wire ). If it supported, the address assignment remains the same or sequence changes if a light is damaged. Thank From "La Isla del Encanto" Puerto Rico
  4. Hi MattUninstall, reboot and install, but still have the same problem.It does not generate the effect of writing text. I need. Your think if I should install the beta 4.2.8Thank​
  5. Hi Matt My Window version is Window 10. And Window input language default is English (US). Thank I think uninstall and reinstall again. what do you think?
  6. That's right, I did everything, and the only thing that not I get is "Text"
  7. From Puerto Rico. I have over 8 years with Lightorama. last year working with SuperStar sequence and this year beginning with Pixel Editor. This year I have a "mega tree 12x50". I have the latest version licensed S4 PRO (PRO 4.2.6). In the Pixel Editor when using the "generator effect" to write text, on the screen does not get anything, whatever I press OK. And when I place it in the editor I get the following error message; "PixelEditorError (BackgroundCalcReaurse) Parameter not valid". This left me too, making the example on Youtube Light-O-Rama Pixel Editor Introduction Part 2. What am I d
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