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  1. colonel

    E.L.L. on DMX

    No, they aren't fast enough. But you can mix ELL/485 and e1.31. Just define in the network config and map your devices.
  2. Sorry I can't get the "Link" to work, but is anyone using DMX wireless transceivers? I have a pair and am going to try it running off the 485 port of a PixliteLR. SolidApollo's site is one source. With Cat5 and these units, supposedly can get out 2400'.
  3. >>Preload Option? Is that "Before they are played" or "when they are needed"? I've had memory issues both ways. "before they are played". Talking to myself now!
  4. I have 8 Ell's straight to AC controllers. I had one that was weak and would only get a good signal at about 100'. If the v4-V5 doesn't fix, swap some ell's around. You may have a bad one?
  5. I have a similar setup and had this happen. I changed the 485 output on my e1.31 controller (Pixlite16) and it stopped. Evidently it was that one output.
  6. I'm running Advanced 4.2.10 and the Regular Com network is Enhanced and the check box is grayed out and none of the lights work. If I change my lights to Aux A that box is still grayed out but unchecked-not enhanced and my lights work. All lights work under HW.
  7. IS there a way to uncheck the Enhanced LOR Network box in Network Preferences for the first/Regular Network? I have all old controllers and that area is grayed out. My lights test fine in HW but do not work with CP/SE.
  8. I changed the option and all ran fine for the first 4+ hours but then I started getting (Cannot allocate memory for play event nodes). Also when I copy the log and paste to Notepad all I get is question marks. This computer is isolated and only runs the show, no AV, updates, internet, etc. I am consistently getting a memory error at the 3-4 hour point. My compressed lcs files range from 250-700mb.
  9. Somewhat the same topic but with Compressing Sequences. I have a 1.3 gig lms and am trying to run the Sequence Compressor but get and error 1. Is there a work around without altering the Sequence? Followup: I tried the export as Compressed within SE and that worked. Down to 680mb now.
  10. OK I tweaked my himem.sys to use that 384k of upper memory so that should help.
  11. Module: SequenceEditor Software Version: 4.1.2 Advanced OS Version: 8.1 Description: Large .lcb files are causing Cannot Allocate memory erros and causing SE to freeze on the right side and becoming unuseable. See attached. Repeatability: Appears to be happening when the .lcb is greater than 250mb. I have seen this maybe 6 times BUT I have also been sucessful. I did notice an Explorer memory error on a reboot and I did have sucess after that reboot. Just started this years programming and I will try on another system and see if I can find something more predictable.
  12. colonel


    Holidaycoro is coming up with a $160 controller and a Pixlite16 (5000+channels+4rs485) is $225. 50-node pixels strings less than $20. Some wire and 3 solders per string. They have good videos on How To.
  13. I have a new user that got here first. Wish I had more to give. I hope LOR gives us a New Year's present too! Happy New Year!
  14. I have someone and waiting on a confirmation plus 2 backup candidates. Maybe some of you other old timers can come up with "goodie boxes" to get people started??
  15. This is just for newbies whose wife (or husband) is not as understanding about the hobby as mine is. There are 5.5 ribbons, at least 2 are in good shape. The others need some tiny soldering or some bad leds cut out. 5 controllers and I think one of the power supplies is broke and another missing. First PM gets them and if you are in the US, I will send for free too. Just cleaning out my basement to make more room for my addiction, I mean hobby.
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