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  1. So we are trying to change unit 1 & 2 to newer models to test everything tomorrow and hopefully it all works. Will update later.
  2. I can't upload pictures but I think we figured out that the units we are using are older models and we have to use newer units, which luckily we have.
  3. Update: Yes, I am using hex on pixie #2. We got pixie #1, pixie #2, and pixcon 16 tree working. For some reason comm ports were different, so I have them correct with device manager, network preferences & hardware utility. We tested lights and have another issue!!! We updated from S4 to S5. When testing standard lights, Unit 1 & 2 work correctly with all lights. When I play show, Unit 1 & 2 do not work. When we upgraded to S5, program set up our lights as below (unit & channels are correct). I am trying to attach pic of settings for icicles that will not light.
  4. Thanks guys! Will try this and post our results. Right now I only have the pixie 8's and pixcon 16 hooked up to computer to test those alone. Waiting for my husband, Jeff, to set up more controller boxes so we can do a test run tonight or tomorrow night. Will update after that test. Jessi Sleek
  5. Correction: in sequencer, I have pixie #1 and pixie #2 doing the same thing and then I have pig tail going from pixie #1 to pixie #2.
  6. another note, for this year we have both pixie 8s doing the same thing, so it's pigtailed from pixie #1 to pixie #2 (even though unit numbers show 1-8 and 9-10)
  7. yes, pixie #2 starts at 09-10... question: I plugged in pixie 8s only and device manager shows com 6 now, so I changed it in network preferences to match com 6. now when i create playback it says 2 enhanced networks, saving both play and lid files into correct folder. I am not a computer genius, so do i need to double check pixie 8s each time before starting show to make sure it is still in same com?
  8. p.s. using motion effect generator for Pixie 8 tree and Pixcon 16 tree
  9. We are new to using RGB lights in our display. Just need clarification to make sure I am doing everything correctly. Using S5 with computer, we have standard lights and adding 2 pixie 8 trees and a Pixcon 16. Pixcon 16 is plugged directly into the computer through ethernet. Pixie 8s are Aux A nextwork Enhanced 500K speed. Question: LOR is supposed to automatically route Aux network into show, correct? 1. Create sequence. 2. Save sequence (creates .loredit file). 3. Create playback (this creates .play.lms and play.lms.lcs and play.lms.pe.lid)....I see from forums that all files need to be in same folder and mine are in same folder. 4. Click Show Editor 5. Click Musical 6. Click plus sign (files show as .lms) 7. Click on files you want to add to musical section and arrange in order you want them to play. 8. Click Save As and name show (files saved as .lss) 9. Click Schedule Editor 10. Click Add 11. Click ...button and choose named show saved in #8 and click open 12. Set start time/end time 13. Click days you want show to play 14. Click Add (schedule will show up on grid) 15. Click Save on Schedule Editor 16. Click Enable Show and it's supposed to work. What am I missing in my setup because Pixie 8s and Pixcon16 do not work? Network Preferences: Is Pixie 8 set up correctly? Again, Pixcon16 plugged in directly to computer through ethernet, so that should play automatically, right? (not working right now) I used to be able to see Com 8 and Com 4 on Device Manager, but lately it's only been Com 8. Also, if I test pixcon16 through network preferences, it works. I use hardware utilities to test pixie 8, it finds it on com8 and lights work. I can't find com 4 on hardware utilities.
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