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  1. Software Sequence editor is V1.6.9
  2. Sounds like a plan Kevin but where IS that edit/media file???
  3. My very first post on this subject was slightly wrong on the hardware configuration. My original buy was two CTBD16 V5's and the recent add on of another board was a CTB16D V7. All boards are linked and ran well last year.
  4. Replies! Thank you all all for your help. Answers to your comments are as follows: @KLB No my sequence does not show demo, advanced or basic. Because a new sequence (test) plays well then it cannot be a license problem. The test sequence has a moving grid bar and good audio. The one that doesn't work has neither. Curiosly though, it says that it is running *(i.e. the little red stop square comes up) but there is no moving grid bar nor sound) @JBullard Sorry but using your link to Dan's help page did not reveal any help pertaining to my problem. @Don I cannot seem to copy "Timings" over to the new grid. What you are suggesting sounds just like what I want but it's a no go. Do I coppy my non-working timings over to a blank grid or a pre-set one? @ CMoore No, there have been no changes at all to my sequence since last year and yes, I am running Windows XP Pro (as I did last year) and have the latest version of Windows Media player running. What now guys???
  5. OK Well I've established one thing. My problem is not license related. Just by way of experiment I opened a new sequence and plotted a few on/off's and it plays perfectly. Sooooo can someonhe please tell me how to copy my sequence that is not working and paste it onto a new file that does work. The trick of course is to maintain the same timing gaps for each column when you paste. I'm having trouble with that. Can someone help please? PS Does LoR actually have living people working there or is the entire operation handled by a machine? I have sent four emails recently ranging from help! help! through to why is my sequence not running and please send me my license number. I have not received a single reply.
  6. Hi Guys Hope that you can help me out with this problem. I have 48 channels of LOR (36+12) and have run successful shows for a couple of years. This year I’ve hooked everything up that I need to but the Sequence Editor will not play my selection. The LOR Hardware programme finds the two controllers OK and the Sequence player even finds the programme but nothing that I do will make the selected song play. I’ve been into the forum FAQ’s and discovered that the problem may well be the lack of a license key. If it is, then I don’t know what that number is or even if that really is the problem. I bought the first unit (S1) some years ago from a retailer but added another 12 channels with an S2 unit that I purchased directly from LOR. Either way, I didn’t get a license key and in any case, both units were working fine this time last year without one. Can you please advise me what to do here. btw I have written this letter to LOR but did not get a reply. Thanks for any help
  7. I have benn running 32 channels of LOR 1 for a couple of years but now want to expand. Question is, can I add another 32 channels of LOR 2 to my existing hardware? Are 1 & 2 compatible?
  8. I am running a 32 channel show with 31 of the channels dedicated to the light show and channel 32 being used to bring up all the other lights not used in the show at the end of it. I have two problems. In the first instance my song is 3.05 long and even though I have tried to extend the period in the sequence editor it refuses to acknoewledge anything past 3.05. The second problem is that after every show it wants to immediately loop and play it all over again. What it should do at show end is to bring up all of the lighting for 27 minutes until the start of the next show. I have tried setting this through the Simple Show Builder to absolutely no affect. Can someone please assist on this (soon please!!)
  9. How do we make the computer program extend beyond the length of our song? At the moment, every thing stops at 3:05 but I need to have the LoR stay on Channel 32 until 4 minutes or longer. I want it to turn on all other lighting that is not part of my program after the record finishes.
  10. How do we make the computer program extend beyond the length of our song? At the moment, every thing stops at 3:05 but I need to have the LoR stay on Channel 32 until 4 minutes or longer. I want it to turn on all other lighting that is not part of my program after the record finishes.
  11. Thank you Jeff, Evan, Tikilights and all the other posters. I ended up finally working out what I was supposed to be doing firstly by watching the first 2-3 minutes of the home-made beginners tutorial and then by clicking and fiddling! I finished A Fifth Of Beethoven tonight. The song is exactly 3.00 minutes long and has taken me 7-8 days of about 6 hour nights to complete. So whoever guessed at 15hours per minute of programming had it pretty much on the button although the third minute came together a helluva lot faster than the first one did. I am using 32 channels and I have already discovered that I desperately must have at least another 300!!! I can easily pay for them just as soon as I can get my wife to agree to let me sell her car and also to get another mortgage. I have a couple of questions. I have not actually seen my sequence in action yet of course as we don't start putting up lights until next week-end but I already can envisage a problem with those strings and ropes that have an automatic built in 6-8 channel controller. Is it possible to open up the controller and snip a wire leaving the light string/rope permanently ON (so that I can take control of it though LoR?) Also, I have been playing around with the various fade in - fade out - twinkle - shimmer. Is it possible to fade in (or out) a shimmer or a twinkle?? Once again, thank you all for your help and encouragement in getting this exciting light effect up and running. Sean
  12. I was Christmas lights shopping in Melbourne last year and wandered into this big Christmas shop. Down the back was a humungus display of LoR lights. I stood there and drooled for about half and hour before managing to get out the words "Gotta have! Gotta have!" As was handing over my hard earned dosh I said to the woman "Is it easy to set up?" "Oh God yes!" she explained "just plug it in and away you go!" Well call me naive if you like but parts of me are not entirely stupid, so I thought that somewhere along the line this is going to be an awful lot harder than she said it was. Come 1st October and it's light planning time. So I haul out the new LoR gear, send it off to my local techy who encased it in a box and hooked it to 32 female plugs (cost $NZ 500) then I went off to find out how to get it to flash lights in time to music. OMG!! It was then I discovered that by some accounts it can take 10-15 hours/per minute of show tiime to create a sequence! I figured that there must be a better way. I searched the sequence I was looking for (disco Beethoven's 5th) and had the idea that I could just download it and overlay it onto a blank sequence editor, modify it a bit to fit my creative game plan and (as the lady in the shop said) away we go! Murphys Law instead came into play and said that the difficulty in achieving my dreams is conversely ten times more complex than the level of simplicity expected. Any file I try to download has an extension that is not recognisable by Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Real Player or any other programme I have. Can someone please give this techo-dipstick some help please???
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