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  1. Just a quick reminder that the NJ mini (EPIC) will be held on April 6th. We have a great time, relaxed atmosphere, door prizes, wonderful venue, fantastic lunch, Red Cup Social on Friday night. There are reduced room rates for those traveling in also! Check us out! Any questions, feel free to message me. https://dancona4.wixsite.com/epicchristmas
  2. Since your brackets are busted and your teams are on their way home, might as well sign up for the Jersey mini today!!
  3. I received a nice note from someone who will be attending the mini this year, which they stated they are new and very much looking forward to the event. Got me thinking, if you are relatively new to the hobby, I don't want you to think this will be only for those that have been around for a while. Please sign up!! You will never again have the opportunity this year to talk in person to those that have the answers to all your questions!!! April 14th is right around the corner!!! Hope to see all of you there!!
  4. Registration is now open! Visit the web page below to sign up. This year’s event will be held on April 14th at Pierre's in the Dayton section of So Brunswick. The site is easily accessible from the NJ Turnpike and Route 130. Doors open at 9:30, presentations start at 10am, lunch around 12:30 and we wrap up at about 5 or so. Cost this year is $50 per person. I have made every effort to keep the cost down. Agenda is still in the works. I think we are going to have a very loose agenda this year with a few presentations early in the day and then possibly some smaller group discussions on topics
  5. Cranbury. Just off Exit 8A NJTPK https://www.facebook.com/groups/157080087781386/
  6. Less than 2 weeks away from the event day!! Still time to sign up. We are having a great presentation on wifi and Falcon Player along with running your show with a PI, some beginner and on up discussions on XLights, possibly some talk on animatronics in your display (if the this poster can find some time), video mapping and more I can't recall right now. Swap Meet - bring along your unwanted items or cash to buy someone else's unwanted items!!! If you're local, what else do you have to do on a Saturday - grass isn't even growing yet. If you're out of town, I believe there are still some r
  7. I'd like to that our very own Dan and Mary @ LOR for their support of the event with a door prize. Along with them are: Dirk @ DIGWDF store, Val over at Christmas LEDs, Todd @ DIYLED Express , Paul @ Creative Displays, Demented Elf James @ Boscoyo Studios
  8. Less than 2 week away!!! Registration site. http://twinklinghouse.com/3Xmas.html
  9. A little late in posting, but the Jersey Mini - Tri-State event will be held on April 22nd in Cranbury, NJ this year. More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157080087781386/ I have also attached the proposed agenda. Tri State Christmas proposed agenda 2017.pdf
  10. All of a sudden, when I open a new or existing sequence, the cursor automatically goes to the color fade option. Prior it would be the pointer, which is preferred. I checked around looking for a settings option, but could not find any. Any suggestions as to get the program back to the original state?
  11. Less than 30 days till the Jersey mini!! Info can be found here: http://twinklinghouse.com/3Xmas.html
  12. Registration is now open!! Payment is via Paypal. http://twinklinghouse.com/3Xmas.html Please check out the vendors that have contributed to the event, located at the bottom of the web site.
  13. Formally known as EPIC, Jersey Mini, now going by Tri-State. No matter what the name, same event. This year we are hosting the event on April 23rd at the VFW Post 133 in East Brunswick, NJ. Event will go from about 9am till 5:30 (we have to be out then). Agenda and particulars will follow soon. Typical swap / sell meet. Red Cup Social on Friday night. Area hotel is the Marriot Courtyard in Cranbury / Monroe just off Exit 8A on the NJTPK. The event is a short drive away – on the same road even – about 10 minutes. Stay tuned for information as it comes. Link to FB page: https://www.
  14. I have used the Winfield motors few years back and had terrible results with them. Each one had the internal gears stip out. Once a prop gets hung up a bit, the motor will fail. I use wiper motors for most all of my display work and have great success. I use computer PS for them and run them at various voltages to get the speed desired. +1 for the Windfield plans though. Printed on heavy paper and they have great detail. I built the carousel 2 seasons ago and has been running strong! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed0nvu4U2IY
  15. Saturday, June 21st Street address is 12 Cohee Circle, Wilmington, DE 19803. Start time will be around 10AM. We will be outside, so dress comfortably. The event will go until, well, whenever everyone gets tired of talking lights and controllers. Lunch will be served mid afternoon and later we'll have something for those sticking around diner time. As I have noted prior, the agenda is really an open forum. If there is something you really need help on, or a certain controller / software you would like to see, post it up! We have some very knowledgeable people attending in various different s
  16. Thanks to Jim at Sandevices, Light Keeper Pro and Val at Christmas-LEDs for their support of the event with some door prizes!! http://www.christmas-leds.com/ http://sandevices.com/ http://lightkeeperpro.com/ Date is almost here!!! June 21st.
  17. Thanks to Paul over at Creative Designs for his support of the event with some door prizes!! https://www.creativedisplays.com/ The date is almost here!!! Still time to sign up!!!
  18. It's getting close........EPIC date is right around the corner. Take the day off from the lawn and stop in for a day of relaxing and talking lights all day!! Thanks to some of our sponsors who have donated door prizes for this year's event!! LOR http://seasonalentertainmentllc.com/ http://www.wireframedlites.com/xmas.shtml http://www.thedementedelf.com/demented-elf-mart http://diychristmas.org/store/
  19. Heads Up!! Only a few days left for the discount registration at the host hotel!!
  20. There is always someone selling and someone buying something at these events. Bring your no longer needed stuff or bring your wallet!!
  21. As those of you that have attended the event in the past know, our mini is a very relaxed atmosphere. While we do have some speakers who will talk on a variety of topics, a good part of the event is geared to simply getting together and sharing ideas. You are encouraged to bring along your latest element you are proud of, your elements that you may need some help on, electronics that you built and those that just don’t seem to work right. There is no set agenda, but rather a list of topics we would like to discuss. This year, topics that are on the list include: How do I get my LOR system to
  22. Great!! Will be nice to see some new faces!!!
  23. This year's Jersey EPIC is actually going to be held in Wilmington DE! (not too far outside of Jersey) date: June 21st Registration and hotel info: http://www.twinklinghouse.com/EPIC.html FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157080087781386/
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