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  1. Hummm just read page 4. So it looks like i will also need the LOR USB485B adapter? "The USB485B USB-to-RS485 adapter has a power supply in it for the transceiver" So a cat5 would go from the ELL to the USB485B adapter then another cat5 from LOR USB485B adapter to the Mini Director?
  2. Nice thank you... Yes I have the director in a spot that would requir a cat cable to be run over 200 feet and there is lots of foot and automotive traffic in between. The extra expense would be much cheaper than a lawsuit. Again thank you.
  3. Hello all. Question? I want to run a wireless setup with the mini Director. I made generic diagram below of what I was thinking and would like to know if it was posible somehow. Here is the standard setup What I want to do is get rid of the hard wire between the mini director and the controllers. like this
  4. Anyone have a 16 channel sequence for that Motley Crue song Shout At The Devil? Would really love to add this to our show this year...
  5. Diylightshows.com has it. I think there are a few versions... merry christmas
  6. Hummm just tested and and everything worked. .lms files and .zip files are allowed right now.
  7. Sequence downloads area is done. Come get and or add your sequences, all free. http://www.diylightshows.com Thanks All and Merry Christmas
  8. See www.diylightshows.com A member has it posted in the sequences downloads. Merry Christmas
  9. No I think I found one that will work.. application/octet-stream
  10. Ok so do you know what the MIME type would be?
  11. Hey you guys you can get this at www.diylightshows.com just talk to Robert he made it...
  12. anyone know the MIME Type of a .lms file? I have been trying application/xml but is there any others?
  13. What.... embarrassed??? Post your pics please, please don’t be embarrassed at all, we love all yard haunts small and large. We are not just your single family yard haunt. We have 5 households/neighbors that helped us this year. We also had allot of help from local shops and lots of friends. Everything is stored in a barn during the offseason at yet another friend’s property. It took us about two months to build. Everything was built in 4x8 sections and bolted together for easy breakdown and setup. We figure it will only take a day to disassemble and maybe two day to back up next year. If you
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