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  1. I think this is a HINT, get signed-up for the mail list now.
  2. Does your camera use a SD card? Does your laptop have SD reader, many come with them now. If yes to these you can move the pictures without the original software. You might try Kodak, a quick google gave me this link. http://kodak-easyshare-win.en.softonic.com/ Seems to be the software but not sure. I have an easyshare camera but now I just use the SD reader to move my pictures.
  3. I totally hear you. I took mine down too. I was worried all my Halloween blow mold pumpkins would come loose and maybe end up in some one's yard in Manchester, NJ
  4. Kevin, As I mentioned earlier, buying and modifying a sequence is well worth it to me. Here is what I did with your sequence for Kidnap the Sandy Claws. Nothing as good as your house but still my favorite sequence of my Halloween show this year. https://vimeo.com/51728218 If I video This is Halloween I'll put that up too.
  5. I got my 6 cases yesterday and everything was in order and all strings lit up on a quick plug in test. Only thing was the Orange and Purple cases were the last ones I opened. What are the odds that the 2 cases I need to put up tomorrow were the last ones I opened?
  6. I also have used the Demented Elf, in 2010 and now again in 2012. For an elf with a counting disability, he does a very good job. He is quick to respond to any changes and emails. I highly recommend him, good value for good service.
  7. Starting to play with and use the Visualizer for Halloween. Hopefully I can get my Christmas display in the Visualizer soon too. But am using the animator too since that is what I had last year. The Visualizer is definitely way better so use it if you are new.
  8. Good poll and as of right now very realistic that no one is completed (DONE). I truly believe you are never done in this hobby. Even when the display is up and running, you look at it and see something that can be better. So you work on the sequence to update it or start working on it for next year. I'm way behind this year for both Halloween and Christmas, so I voted a quarter since there was no lower choice.
  9. One more day for entries, any other Newbies out there want to apply. Bob, This was a very fine idea. Not sure how I missed this last year. Glad I could throw a few bucks at you this time.
  10. This was Jacob last post, what do you want him to say ETA is still August 20 every week? When August 20 comes, I'll expect a post about the status but not sure what good a status would be right now when estimted ETA for the delivery of them to San Antonio has not come yet. Patience. I ordered last year and got my lights. I ordered a bigger order this year and epect I'll get my lights well before October when I need some of them for Halloween.
  11. The macros do work. I believe there were some demo sequences posted in the forums and if you look at them there are parts being done with macros. Also ItsMeBobO used to have a neat tool that you could use to set up the macro. Check out his profile and see if he still has the CCR macro tool. That might get you going. Also be sure your CCR is not in legacy mode because I dont think you can do macros in legacy.
  12. If you get a controller, and your expectations are set at a realistic level I say go for it! For someone already decorating it will be the start of going to a new world. There are lots of sources for free sequences for you to use and customize to your elements. You do not have to have FM transmitter initially. Just using the controller to add some fades and twinkles to your already used yard decorating can be fun too. I hope you can get a controller, actually a start-up controller package is what you really need to begin. Yes read forums, learn, but go for it, doing it is an education in itsel
  13. Thanks Kevin. I will peruse your selection more carefully now and likely buy a few. Taking a well done sequence and tailoring for ones own sequence is well worth the cost for the time saved and the finished result.
  14. A few years ago the answer to this was Yes, the starter package by that I mean 1 controller, 1 cable, 1 USB PC adapter, 1 Basic license was indeed a part of the sale. This is how I initially got started, I happened on the sale in July of 2008 and I bought a starter package. Have kept buying ever since.
  15. I think you might have to buy the LOR software. You really need the Hardware Utility to work with most LOR hardware (controllers, CCR, CCB, Flood). All hardware comes in a default configuration but you use the Hardware Utility to set the specifics for what you want such as LOR controller address. You also need the software to load standalone sequence for the device to run. I'd check with LOR support but you need to get software.
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