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  1. Ralph D


    hey guys quick question. I want to hook up my floods to a dmx controller i have for my dj gear. I bought the ethernet to xlr cable from lor but when i plug it in to my controller im not getting a conection, my board isnt asking for a uni or anything just a channel but inside my flood its not sold red its flashing so, not sure what to do.
  2. Hey everyone, So i have a Christmas tree ornament problem and I want to see if there is a fix for it. My wife and I have had this ornament that plugs into a bulb socket and it lights up and when it first turns on does this great tune of Santa taking off with his reindeer, its just been here with us since we first moved in together anyway we bought a new led tree and most of the plugins work except this one so i plugged it into an old string of lights and it works, so is there anything i can do so this will work on my new tree with out having to trow a old set of lights on it to get this
  3. from the mouth of my nephew.......and you can't teach that!!!!!! thanks lor team'ers for listening to what i had to say. 3.24 is perfect!!!!!!!! thanks guys, oh its true its Dam true!
  4. ok to answer your question. if i try and connect any of my ctb*** and i have 12 of them not one will connect or be seen and then i open the listener and it says its conected bit i get nothing. also i un-installed it and re-installed it twice. the last 3 statuses on the listener is connected to comm listener, then connected to comm listener....but the controller really is not connected because the red light on the controller is flashing. then the 3 notice for the listener is ....comm listener error 3. comm winsock error / 10061: connection is forcefully rejected and then a few seconds later i
  5. Hi, one more thing. in the listener page I have this error ....comm winsock error / 10061 connection is forcefully rejected
  6. Hey everyone. ok maybe i need some help. I do not have 10s i have windows 10 Home, so is there anything I can try to get this to work. when i updated to 4.3.22 the controllers stop being seen and the red light on the controller just blinks. also I was able twice to have the hardware utility find the controller but the red light does not stop flashing . so i went back to 4.18 and it worked again. so if anyone has anything I can try, that would be great ALSO I got a popup saying the hardware utility was unable to connect and told me to plug in a controller and try again. now back up to when
  7. Thanks for the info, my problem is my controllers are not seen when i use 4.3.22 so i will read and let you know. thanks for the help.
  8. is there a workaround for windows 10 users and 4.3.22, or is this something being worked on, without having to move to S5
  9. Hi everyone, I want to move back to the last ver of S4 i had can anyone tell me how to do this
  10. and i would think if its a sequence ive imported its gonna list everything from the viz im trying it now and will let you know
  11. Dave, Thank you this is huge thanks so much..
  12. is there any way to either forward to or open in Microsoft excel or email the channel config other then printing. and is there a way to print out just whats in the visualizer? Thanks
  13. There was a single channel candy cane in the shared props. And thank you George that is so kind of you. I will let you know when I make the switch for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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