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  1. Dan I have been paying for a vimeo account for the vids I entered. I assume by now all the vids have been downloaded by you and I can deactivate that account. Is that correct? Thanks Steve
  2. i see the mad grab sale has been announced. Has anyone heard who the contest winner is yet?
  3. have you tried the "drag edges" or "nudge" features? That might do what you want
  4. There is the "zoomed playback". You right click on a prop to use it. That might be a start to what you want, However It only shows one particular prop at a time.
  5. sounds like maybe a network issue too
  6. I have one of these. (See link below ) I did not use it in my Christmas display, but was very happy with it in another application. I used the DMX plugs from LOR to interface the sequencer to it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073WXVM8D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Phil and Dgrant Just curious what you think is the cause of the load problems you are having. I understand your files are huge and are now being compressed to the range they used to be. Do you think the cause is do to: 1) Number of songs I see Phil you have 52. 2) Number of RGB nodes and the speed /quantity of effects. 3) Using superstar perhaps? 4) Something else I am curious as my display increases each. It might help me in future planning. Thanks Steve
  8. FYI I have 10 + controllers in my entire house group and get some nice sweeping effects. Most of the time I use the "use preview" definition. Be sure when setting up the effects that you want, to ONLY use the group channel. If you also have something in the individual prop it overrides what is in the group. It took me a bit of time to figure this out. Until I did my effects did not work as expected.
  9. yes there is. I have the exact situation as yours. In your preview definition create a group. You can put as many of the props you have on your house in it as you like. You then define how you want them to be viewed in terms of motion effects. You may also want to create multiple groups too.Be aware not all effects may turn out as you think. Take a look at it and let us know if you have any further questions
  10. you mentioned that the channels EXIST in both sequences. Do you mean that they are also USED in each sequence? I had a similar problem and got around it by creating 2 different previews one for my background lights and one for my musical sequences. Each preview only had the lights needed. That fixed everything.
  11. I am running 5000+ rgb bulbs on 3 LOR enhanced 500K networks and a legacy 56k network all through a single USB port via a hub. 10 plus musical sequences and a background sequence. I don’t see any delays loading or running. el cheap pc on windows 10. just another data point
  12. Also look in the window for the control panel. It has info at the top about what's running, next in line to run etc., and messages about the history of what ran.
  13. I had a similar problem to yours. I have one matrix that I run a background animation sequence on. All my other props are run by musical sequences. I used a preview for them all that was called entire yard and contained ALL. props. The sequences would run fine separately, but when I split them and ran the one as a background and the others as musical programs my matrix went crazy. I fixed it by creating a separate preview for the prop in the background animation and "compiling" i.e. creating the play files using it. I created 2 second preview for the props in my musical sequence. It fixed eve
  14. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. I assume you have a help desk ticket open and hopefully matt will get involved. If you think it would be of any value to you, send me a copy of your sequence and I would be happy to try it on my running system and see if any errors show up here that could shed any light on the problem. email is stevehoyt@comcast.net
  15. the verifier is broken as far as we all can tell. It hasn't been updated to the current levels. I would ignore it completely for now. You should be able to diagnose any errors you are having by other means. Sorry I assumed you were having other issues besides it, as you mentioned show on demand not working.
  16. When you built your show using the show editor, after you hit the + sign to add a sequence to it, did you select S5 sequences in the drop down menu on the lower right after the file name box?
  17. I only use show on demand here for testing and the scheduler for overnight shows. I am on 5.3.6 and it is ok at this level. You say you tried show and demand and it failed. Can you be specific about the error you got. Did you use the show editor to put the loredit file in the show?
  18. yes you can. Have you tried grouping them? one way i just tested define arch group as horizontal stack align bottoms. then use the scanner effect ion the group. give it a try
  19. I have 4 arches of 50 pixels each. I set effects on them individually sometimes, and have a group defined that has all 4 in them. One way I get chases on them is using blended bars using 2 colors. The chases look great. Also don't forget that black is a color. So if you want chase of one color only chose the color as your first color and black as the second. Steve
  20. i haven't had any major issues with 5.3.6 so far. There appears to be issues with 5.3.10 for a number of people. If the show got built using the "show on demand" from the control panel but the music did not play , I'd open the sequence in the sequence editor and check that all file references are good. Sorry I can't be of more help. I completely avoid simple show builder, hub etc. Just use the show editor here and control panel and have no issues
  21. Also be sure to have use compressed sequences selected in the control panel i believe
  22. for what it is worth I am running 5.3.6 no superstar programming just sequence editor and about 60 props and 5000 RGB bulbs. All running on LOR Enhanced networks As long as I don't make any changes to a sequence or the preview the play files get created once and that's it. I run the show every night and and they all ( about 10 songs 30 minutes) load in a matter of seconds. 5.3.6 has been stable for me
  23. you might try bypassing the hub and just build a show and start it using show on demand. Open the control panel window when you do this and see what messages you get. They may lead you on to something. That is what I am doing at 5.3.6 and all is well
  24. this whole process is still confusing to me and doesn't always work as I would like to. I have talked to Matt about it. That said I'll make a few comments which might help you. In your first pic you have a preview 2010 Renamed channel...... In the second and 3rd pics the preview is LOR generated .... I am not sure exactly what you are doing but what has worked the best for me but granted doesn't always give me what I want is. Save the view you have built using the export function as discussed above. Load the new sequence where you get the LOR generated preview. Change
  25. mike This is the online web page I use for help for 5.x.x. it has a lot of good info. .http://www.lightorama.com/help/ Paul If you want save all your views you can do that using "grid configuration" the last in the list under the sequence option in the toolbar. Channels are done as Phil mentions
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