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  1. same here my order was in within 2 minutes and got rejected. It told me twice to change the quantity and each time after I did still rejected the order. Tried a bit later and the 2 items I wanted were sold out sigh
  2. k6ccc I know it wasn't meant for me, but I just tried the existing effects tip you mentioned in this post. I did not know about that method. You learn something new every day. Thanks Steve
  3. I am trying to duplicate what your issue is. Is this what you are doing? In my case, I have a pixel tree with 800 pixels. If I select say, a 5 second interval and right click and then choose "insert toolbar effect as fade down it works for me. The motion effect window opens with the existing effect ( Bars in my case ) I hit ok and it changes to a fade down of bars. In order for this to work, I must have selected the motion effect in the type box before I do it. If I forget to do this and the channel effect e.g. is chosen it changes my existing effect a white color wash as you describe. Hope this helps
  4. I had the same problem. It is a bit confusing to understand and took me awhile to figure it out, now it makes sense. The mistake I made was not understanding how the items work under the "select action" header. In any case here is how I do it. 1) Under select action choose the item to the right of the arrow..." Place current effect in selected region 2) Under slope choose fade down 3) Under type choose motion effect A pencil will appear. Select the cells you want and the motion effect window will show up. Then I get what I want
  5. same with me. I have an old legacy network for all my old stuff. Nothing has changed. I have additional enhanced networks for the new stuff.
  6. No I don't think you are...To get you started on the concept try this. In the effects01 area for your arch put in an effect for 10 seconds or so. Try using the blended bar effect and choose 2 colors. If you want a chase with one color remember black is a color and choose say blue and black. Then play with the options for direction, width speed etc. Note also too that you can create an arch group consisting of all your arches and apply effects to it also. Once you get this simple test to work explore the other motion effects. You can do a lot. Let us know if that helps.
  7. One way I do it is to use a motion effect on my arch prop(s). Try using a spiral chasing from right to left and see what you think of it. I also use straight lines on them and vary the filled space. You can apply multiple colors to it.
  8. Dan I have been paying for a vimeo account for the vids I entered. I assume by now all the vids have been downloaded by you and I can deactivate that account. Is that correct? Thanks Steve
  9. i see the mad grab sale has been announced. Has anyone heard who the contest winner is yet?
  10. have you tried the "drag edges" or "nudge" features? That might do what you want
  11. There is the "zoomed playback". You right click on a prop to use it. That might be a start to what you want, However It only shows one particular prop at a time.
  12. sounds like maybe a network issue too
  13. I have one of these. (See link below ) I did not use it in my Christmas display, but was very happy with it in another application. I used the DMX plugs from LOR to interface the sequencer to it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073WXVM8D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Phil and Dgrant Just curious what you think is the cause of the load problems you are having. I understand your files are huge and are now being compressed to the range they used to be. Do you think the cause is do to: 1) Number of songs I see Phil you have 52. 2) Number of RGB nodes and the speed /quantity of effects. 3) Using superstar perhaps? 4) Something else I am curious as my display increases each. It might help me in future planning. Thanks Steve
  15. FYI I have 10 + controllers in my entire house group and get some nice sweeping effects. Most of the time I use the "use preview" definition. Be sure when setting up the effects that you want, to ONLY use the group channel. If you also have something in the individual prop it overrides what is in the group. It took me a bit of time to figure this out. Until I did my effects did not work as expected.
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