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  1. That sequence look very familiar....good job.
  2. Thats It!! Total bonehead move....geez!! Over looked the "existing fixture" option. Been staring at this screen too long. Thanks!
  3. For the life of me, I cant remember how I did this. Did it a couple years ago and having difficulties replicating. Trying to create 2 strings that are separated but mirror each other / using the same channel. The 2 strings are consider 1 fixture. Kevin
  4. That was a quick fix....Thanks Mike! My issue was the "Up Time". Apparently when you shut down the PC in Win10, it doesn't truly shut down....more of a hibernation. I googled it and its called "Fast Startup". When Mike checked my Up Time, my PC showed its been up and running for 33 days even though I shut down daily(Start>Power>Shut Down). The Vizualizer will stop rendering after about 24 days. So Restarting (Start>Power>Restart) actual shuts down and resets the Up Time clock. When he restarted, the Up Time reset back to 0:00 and Visualizer worked right away. He did say t
  5. I got mine to work but for sure something is wrong. Temp work around. Open up viz, check or make sure enhanced rendering (Options > Tab6) is checked. Click on the play icon. My screen goes gray. Now click on Stop button. Go back to the Options>Tab 6 and uncheck the enhanced rendering. Click on the play button icon. Stop it again and go back to Options >Tab6 again. Check the enhanced rendering again. Click on the play button again and now this time the screen goes black. Play SE and now I can see the sequence. Basically I had to disable and then re-able the enhanced rendering. Got
  6. LOR is going to login into my PC remotely tomorrow to see what's going on. I'll update if there is a fix.
  7. Did not work so open up a trouble ticket.
  8. I don't like doing that...done it before. And usually just a temp fix as it will happen again when windows updates again. Turning off updates should've be the solution. I don't want to go back to Win7, but may. Anyone using Win10 and not experiencing this issue? I'll uninstall my display driver and reinstall as well as my S4 software. If this doesn't work....guess it's a trouble ticket.
  9. I just copy the same sequence and viz file over to my show laptop which is running Win7....worked perfect. I didn't have to change anything including the enhanced rendering. One thing I noticed different between the two is with Win 10, the Viz screen is gray even with the background intensity all the way down. Now if I uncheck the enhanced rendering it will change to black. But with Win7, the screen is black even with enhanced rendering checked. Damn Damn Win 10!! Running latest 4.2.12
  10. I'm having the exact same problem....exact. It was working last week. Now nothing is playing on the viz screen. I unchecked the enhanced rendering options too. Turn off firewall....nothing. Win10....damn!! I should have stayed with Win 7. Ever since I upgraded.....there always seems to be little issues that pop up here and there.
  11. Usually that's a sign he ribbon is damaged, but try resetting the controller. Disconnect power. Push and hold the reset button. Now plug in power while holding the reset button. The ribbon will run red, green, blue patten constantly repeating. Let go of the button and controller is reset. See if the problem pixel changes colors or stays on when the patten is running. If constant on....I suspect damaged.
  12. I've sold and use thousands of power supplies...both Chinese and Meanwell. I seen both fail...it happens. Personally I believe the Meanwell is a better built PS but that doesn't mean it guarantees it will last longer. I use more Chinese than Meanwell for several years with no real issues. Like I said....I've seen both fail. Keys is don't overdrive it...it will last. And have a spare!! That's a must. Have a spare of everything...even bigger must!!
  13. CLD Kevin

    Baud rate

    Distance plays a factor too. 115k and 500k doesn't work well with long runs and multi-split networks. This doesn't apply to 98%. Unfortunately the commercial shows I work on are in the 2% and run 56.7k....and you can see the slight lag.
  14. The MonitorMemory file LOR sent me helps with decaching. I'm flying home today, but will upload a link to download tomorrow. There are a couple setting required but easy. Seems to help along with latest version of S4. Running 16 songs to 160 LOR controllers and separate E1.31 network (9k chs). All sequences range from 200mb to 600mb. It runs good...No delay between songs and the show itself for the most part run great. Some areas do lag when the sequence is super busy, but not enough call it bad. Could be a distance issue as the display is spread over 2 miles. Can't use 115k or 500k for this
  15. ^^ Exactly. Also if you have large files, LOR had me use a program called MemoryMonitor which helps decache.
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