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  1. Well I am sorry for starting this thread forgive me everyone.
  2. I have not been here for quite some time because of all of the negativity I was seeing in the posts. today when i came in. i was immediately drawn to the post that Sheldon started ... asking for used lights. The positivism this post created was AWESOME ! Hats off to everyone that has and/or promised to help ! To me.... this is what this is all about! Since I do my display on a seriously low budget, I don't have extra stuff laying around to help him but I felt compelled to message him to thank him for renewing my hope for this forum. Once again, I personally want to thank everyone for their ef
  3. sorry.... i dropped my contact on the road could not find it ohh BTW your out of candy canes!
  4. I was at a fellow LOR enthusiasts house last night when we did our tour... in a huge bus!!! A person on the bus knew these people and gave them a text to say we were there. They came out, he was in a santa outfit and she was in a snowman outfit,, when we were in the driveway getting candy canes for our group of kids, all of a sudden the 10 or so other cars opened their doors and here come their kids. I'm now kind of wondering if they made it back in the house..
  5. my 2 cents worth...... take the Halloween masks off .. should help ... just sayin
  6. today i got home and my lights were not running... the reason why? windows did an automatic update and my pc rebooted so my advise is to shut off windows auto updates!
  7. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/184440_537805576230822_1776663325_n.jpg
  8. maybe update the driver for the sound card?
  9. well my 2 cents worth here. if you have 2 good video cards installed and run the LOR at the same time a quad processor may be needed on the machine I like the dmx switcher posted above too.. for what you are trying to do... composite would work fine. I work in the av industry and see multiple displays working off one computer. I have 4 displays on my machine at work 2x dual video cards but the cards have alot of ram aned i am not running any programs like LOR in the background just excell exchange and office programs
  10. I get over a 1/4 mile with the vast... only thing i dont like about it is it steals my sound card
  11. hardware says 90 to 0 ...I set to 90 a while back went back into the sequence and it actually says 100 to 0 looked at the fade options... it is set to 0 .....
  12. WELL! I thought is was rather odd too... Even in the sequence editor it says shimmer down 100 to 0 percent. but hey I am real good at finding bugs.. At work. we got this new software for tracking work... I have found sooo many bugs, glitches they are flabbergasted... Any hows I thought about doing a firmware upgrade if there is one.. but I scared ....VEEEERRRRY scared think i may just wait till after Christmas and videos are done
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