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  1. That should work, I'd expect, but for some reason the import shows a grid that is totally different, in fact actually unusable. Pic one is the sequence with the changes I've made that I want. Pic two is another sequence showing what the original grid said/showed. Pic three is after importing the "grid configuration".
  2. ,Thanks, I just tried the "assign different preview" on another sequence and chose my "renamed ….." preview, all the channels listed on the left hand side of the grid weren't the same/same order as the ones that I had changed and saved in the one sequence that I changed manually. I'll continue to search for a way to make this happen, and figure out what I'm doing wrong, without having to manually rename these 12 channels in every sequence. Thanks for the help.
  3. I've renamed some (12 channels across 3 different controllers) "Spare" channels that were not previously in use last year in one sequence. Now I need to change the same in all the rest of my sequences, but can't seem to successfully find how to export the "renamed channel configuration" then import it into the other sequences. Anyone know how this should be done? I have the "renamed channel configuration" saved as a 'preview' but haven't found a way to change another sequence to that preview and save it.
  4. Probably going to have to replace some of my wiring on my RGB strips. I use connectors like in the link PhilMassey posted above. Wondering if anyone has used any of these connectors? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=400838350052 Suppose to just clamp on the strip with no soldering.
  5. We have vinyl siding on our house. I simply bought more "J" channel and attach the strips to it with zip ties. Turned finished side towards the house the J channel will hang on the gutters. Finished side facing the house it will also hook behind the existing J channel around the windows. We are also using the jacketed RGB strips from Ray. The ones around our windows can't bee seen unless you are standing right next to them. They have been around the windows for 3 years now. They still work great.
  6. I have mine attached to vinyl J channel that just slides behind the existing J channel that is around my windows and it locks in place. I have wire connecters soldered at each corner connecting the 4 strips together. Couple places have rather long runs of RGB strips and have to be powered at a couple of the corners to keep the "white" from being pink.
  7. monoprice.com has very good prices on cat5 or 6 cables.
  8. Yes, I had the problem with S2 and vista. Was using AL stuff before vista. It looks to me like the LOR software (S2 or S3) actually 'releases' WMP after every sequence then 're-opens' it. This causes the flash of the desktop, or screen to minimize then maximize again. Not 100% sure I am right, but looks like that is what is happening. I don't think any different video formats will solve this problem.
  9. Greg Young wrote: Hate that you are having the resizing problems now, but at least we now have another person to help us figure out how to stop it. I think it would be nice if S3 could/would keep the windows video 'in focus' during the whole show (until shutdown). Therefore avoiding any changes to the video window between sequences. Not sure if this is possible or would cause other problems though. Certainly understand the 'too busy with other 'hobbies' this time of year'.:cool:
  10. Steve Ott wrote: This was the problem Paul! When I plugged in a USB 485, then started S3, the control lights option was checked, and it stays checked now! Thanks! You are welcome. Glad it worked for you.
  11. If you have a LOR USB/rs485 converter try hooking it up to your computer also and see if the control lights will stay checked. You would not need to have any LOR controllers hooked to it. I know in the past if I did not have it hooked to the computer control lights would not stay checked. Perhaps the same thing is happening even though you have a Enttec pro hooked up.
  12. I certainly still use tracks. I keep a 'master track' because funny (well not really funny) things can happen when importing new channel configurations if I don't. I also use 'groups', but don't like the way groups 'can' rearrange channels for you without you knowing about it. If I make a group in track one and duplicate the group to track 2 and move the channels around in the track 2 group it will also move the channels around in the track one group. I hate the way groups work in that aspect.
  13. My first thought was a very sick child in the hospital during Christmas time, so they are celebrating Christmas now. Either way, it made me smile. btw. I don't recall this house having lights on during Christmas, and I pass by there every Sunday.
  14. On our way home last night, going thru a small town (Curtis, AR) we saw a house with clear Christmas lights all shining bright. I swear I saw a Christmas tree in the window. Brought a smile to my face. I almost stopped and thanked them for making me smile. The roofline, windows, and doors were all lined with lights. I thought it was cool!!
  15. Michael B wrote: If I am not mistaken you have an S2 advanced license (grandfathered into it, I am guessing) Either way a 'renew' of your S2 license will give you S3 at whatever level you were at with S2. This page should help you figure out what license level you had with S2 and give you info on renewing, or upgrading, or purchasing a superstar license. BTW if you think you want the superstar license just get it and it includes a renew to S3 from S2.
  16. I don't twist or zip tie my 'mega strings together. 4 strings of lights are attached to the hook head at the top, and those same 4 strings are zip tied to the bottom base of the tree. They twist/entangle themselves with each other just fine on their own.:cool:
  17. beeiilll wrote: I chose the connectors I did pretty much for the same reason you are looking for "4 conductor wire inside a jacket":cool: I have these connectors at all corners of my windows and garage and thought the white would show up to much (stick out like a sore thumb). However thinking about it now I don't think it would be any different. Also when I ordered the ones I did the wording was the same as it is now "100pcs/lot" but in fact thru clarification with Ray it was 100 pair not 50 pair. I have no idea if one was 'better' than the other.
  18. bdeditch wrote: I use a pair of scissors.
  19. JonB256 wrote: That is good to know JonB256. Do you have any pictures of the connectors you are using? With them in use?
  20. Here is what I ordered from Ray Wu. I copied this from another thread I posted it in awhile back. I have made I think 5 orders from him, and have never had a problem with any of them. In fact I made a [highlight= #ffff88]custom[/highlight] RGB LED strip [highlight= #88ffff]order[/highlight] from him. I was for sure something would not be right, but it was ALL correct. My first [highlight= #88ffff]order[/highlight] with him was a 5m roll of RGB LED strip so I could check it out. My next [highlight= #88ffff]order[/highlight] was for power supplies, 4 pin cable, 4 pin waterproof connectors and
  21. @Steven. I didn't do a whole lot of soldering. I made a custom order with Ray. I had them put the ends I needed on the lengths I needed on most if them. When I get home I'll see if I can find my order. @Carl S. I don't know if those will work well or not. I have not used any of them. Are they suppose to be water proof? If not how would you seal them up? @bdeditch. You would be surprised. I ordered 2 rolls and have almost used it all. I'm glad I got as much as I did. I had to run more power input wires than I thought I would. On some where I was planning on powering from one corner and ended
  22. I also use these weatherproof connectors in my set up. One connector (female) I connect (and it stays connected) to the LOR DC card. The other connector (male) I solder to the LED strip, or the wire that is soldered to the strip. I also have these weatherproof connectors on the strips the go around my windows and such. There are 4 pieces of RGB LED strips around my windows. These connectors connect at each corner. 4 pin cable I use. 4 pin waterproof connectors I use. Attached files
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