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  1. Try different cables too the cable off the first one going to the secone may be bad. Anthony
  2. I tried the link and it does not go to the correct page. Try this one instead http://www.christmas-decorations-gifts-store.com/store/PPF/parameters/3181_49/more_info.asp Anthony
  3. Go here and this is what you will be looking for. http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/p/16'-Christmas-Decorating-Pole-with-Adapter-Greenery-Installation-Accessories--21236--756.htm Then go to Lowes or Home Depot to get it there, it is around $12. You can to to the paint section and get any length pole you want to get the lights in the trees. I suggest getting the extension poles with the fiberglass main pole to lessen any chance of getting the shock of your life/death in the event you make connection with a live circuit. I have used the 24 foot extension for many years and if you do not overload the pole it works great. Anthony
  4. Go here this will help you. http://www.ehow.com/list_7329664_difference-between-c7-c9-lights.html Anthony
  5. I may have one or two left it will be this weekend before I can check. Anthony
  6. Call the power company I had an issue where everyone on the same transformer would have dimming and flashing lights not only at Christmas time but when some power tools or a vacuum was turned on to certain plugs. After I did some checking I found a one volt difference in the power drop and then tested on that line. I could male the lights dim and flicker with as small as a 5 amp load on. It ended up being a loose connection on the transformer and the transformer had to be replaced. Anthony
  7. You can accomplish this by using a growth retarder. Most cities do this on the hard to mow locations. I dont know the specifics for using, mixing, how it works or what they use. You can start with a local commercial lawn and garden business and see what they have to offer. If you take this on yourself experiment in an our of the way or unseen area of your yard to see what it does. Anthony
  8. I had this problem before. I was having flickering issues along with all the neighbors on the same transformer. I found it by accident one night. If you are qualified enough to check line voltage at the lugs inside of your breaker box check for a voltage difference in the readings for both loads. meaning the supply voltage at the lugs before the main breaker. IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED DO NOT DO THIS. A voltage difference of as little as one volt can cause the lights to flicker. The voltage difference on my lines was exactly that. In my case the connections at the transformer were burned. There could be any other cause for a voltage difference from a bad splice to the lead wires at the transformer to the connection at your meter. If there is any voltage difference have it checked by an electrician ot the power supply company. Anthony
  9. PM me i have 7 of them but 3 may be sold already. Anthony
  10. I dont know of anyone that is doing this. Look at it this way if I were to build your kit I would charge a minimum of $50 plus shipping both ways. Now you have just spent more money than the finished kit would be. Anthony
  11. I made a candy cane fence out of coroplast. It's two foot tall and made in four foot sections. East to put up and easy to make. If I get to my pc at home I can get you some pictures. Lookb n my avatar and you can see the fence. Anthony
  12. I made a candy cane fence out of coroplast. It's two foot tall and made in four foot sections. East to put up and easy to make. If I get to my pc at home I can get you some pictures. Anthony
  13. Weather you go 3 feet or 4 foot of pipe on either side of the joint does not matter. The weakest point is the area where the two 1 inch pipe sections join with the sleeve inside. Your strength does not lie with how long your inner pipe is. You are reducing the support from 1 inch down to what ever size inner pipe you use and then you inside pipe becomes your weakest point. Im assuming you want to reduce the diameter the coupling takes up for your hub to clear. I have used 1 1/2 pipe 25 feet tall with three steel couplings and made the hub to clear the couplings. I tapered the entrance and exit of the hub and also slightly rounder the leading edges of the coupling and never had any issues with raising or lowering the hub. Anthony
  14. You need to check the sleep settings on your hard drive and any other components. Make sure that they are set to never go to sleep. Check and turn off automatic updates. One other thing is to check your firmware version on all your controllers. Sometimes the latest version will correct a lot of problems that you do know of and some that you have not noticed. Anthony
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