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  1. By far our display has had the most traffic since we started in 2008. For the most part, folks view the show from the opposite side of the street. However, there are a few bone heads that plant their car right in front of the house and blocking the folks who are parked across the street. This leads to honking horns. The horns bother us, can't imagine what our wonderful neighbors are thinking. We thought about putting traffic cones in the street right in front of the house. Before buying the cones, I thought I would see what others have done to try keep this from happening.
  2. I appreciate your willingness to help. After I created my post I went and read from other topics and found one talking about network speed. I remembered when I was setting up my pixel tree that I changed my network speed. I am guessing my network speed last year was 57.6K and the Enhanced box was not checked. During the install of my pixel tree I changed to 500K with the Enhanced box checked and that is where I started tonight. After reading that other post, I went back to 57.6K with Enhanced not checked. Currently connected I have 2 units that are CTB16D v4.32 and 1 unit that is 32LD-G3 ver 1.05. As it turns out, these are my oldest and newest units. My new question is, can I run a pixel tree with network speed of 57.6K and the Enhanced box not checked?
  3. Over the summer I upgraded to version 4.4.4 Pro. I added a pixel tree for my Christmas show, but made no changes to last years Halloween show - all LEDs and no pixels for Halloween. I planned on starting the Halloween show tomorrow night. I finished setting up everything today. I ran HU and all controllers were found and all lights work. Now that it is dark I wanted to run the show once just to be sure everything would be good for tomorrow. I tried to run the Show on Demand. The music plays, but none of the lights are working. I restarted the computer, because sometimes that works for other issues, but it did not help. I scanned existing posts and did not find one that was similar to my situation. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Tonight I installed version 4.3.24 from version 3.9.0. At the end of the installation there was an information message about old controllers and consuming a lot of overhead. The message provided a place to go if I was using old controllers. When I read the message I was confident I would remember it. However, that is not the case. I wish I would have snapped a screen shot. Anyone know what that message was about and what "older" controllers is it referring to?
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