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  1. Please send me a copy. Thank you for sharing. andy1@nexet.net
  2. I use the CFL flood lights and have not had any problems with cold weather. We get temp in the teens and 20s in my area of Virginia. I am happy with them. Using the CFL floods has saved me from adding more circuits to drive conventional flood lights.
  3. One more like for good measure.
  4. If you are still sharing I would like a copy also. Thank you in advance. andy1@nexet.net
  5. Did not get my copy. Unfortunately I finger checked my email address. Would you please resend to me. andy1@nexet.net Thank you. Andy
  6. I would also like a copy of these sequences. Thank you. andy@nexet.net
  7. Please send me a copy. Thank you. andy1@nexet.net
  8. Please send me a copy. Thank you. andy1@nexet.net
  9. I would also like a copy. Thank you in advance. andy1@nexet.net
  10. I would also like a copy. Thank you in advance. andy1@nexet.net
  11. Just ordered my copy. I have several of Daves sequences and they are all top quality.
  12. Thank you for posting the directions. I just finished building the tree portion and am using CCRs. Good directions and the I like the finished product.
  13. Unfortunately no. They will be providing us some literature about their products and some door prizes.
  14. We are happy to welcome the following as sponsors of the Virginia Mini. A big thank you to these sponsors 3G Lighting Creations Christmas Done Bright Light O Rama Supratec? Christmas LEDs
  15. Just under three weeks until the Virginia mini. We will start with an informal meet and greet and 11:00 AM. If you want to get there earlier we will be starting setup at about 10. We want to allow time for everyone attending to introduce themselves and tell us about their favorite display item. We want to give you a heads up so you can prepare to either bring the element or take pictures or videos and describe the details of how you built it and how it works. Matthew and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at the mini.
  16. The 7th annual Virginia Mini will be held on Saturday May 17, 2014. Matthew Stterwhite has graciously offered to host the mini this year. The location will be Hanover Academy located at 115 Frances Road in Ashland, VA 23005. Hanover Academy is just off I95 in Ashland which is on the north side of Richmond. The minis are an exellent opportunity to meet with other Christmas lighting enthusiasts to share ideas, design plans, implementation, sequencing or just to meet others with the same goals in Christmas lighting displays. Anyone who would be willing to talk for a few minutes on a dsipla
  17. I made my fan from a video that Brian Mitchell posted on you tube. Here is a link to how Brian Mitchell built his Marty fan. Brian Mitchell marty fan.doc
  18. TonyD, Thank you for the tip. I did email them and got a reply stating that would combine the shipping unless they had already shipped. Andy
  19. Got in and out in about a minute using a credit card and got 12 CCRs the first time and then went back in and placed a second order of a G3MP3. Yes I am paying more for shipping but at least I got the 12 CCRs. Thanks to LOR for the mad grab sale.
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