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  1. Not yet, but probably will now that I have bragged about it. I have 16 CCRs running.
  2. Chandalen, If you are still sharing I would like to have a copy. Thank you. andy1@nexet.net
  3. If you are still sharing I would like a copy. Thank you. andy1@nexet.net
  4. Unfortunately my purchased sequences came with 12 on net 1 and 4 on net 2 so I have to have them split. There are some other threads on the G3-MP3 that recommend having the CCRs split between 2 nets so that you don't get any lag. For now I am just going to go with a 12 CCR tree and probably make some upgrades on LOR controllers for next year.
  5. Old Sarge, If you are still sharing I would like to have a copy. Thank you for sharing. andy1@nexet.net
  6. I can not get more than 12 CCRs to work on a network. It appears that my purchased sequences were set up for 12 on net 1 and 4 on net 2.
  7. I have pretty much come to that conclusion. Supposed to quit raining by Wednesday and I am planning on going back to the 12 ccr tree so that the other things will work.
  8. I have the red status light. I looked on the LOR website and did not see any firmware update for the 1602W. My controllers are all at least 3 or 4 years old and some older.
  9. Yes, when I first set it up I had all 16 ccrs on net 1(56.7) and 3 LOR controllers on net 2 (500. Only the first 12 ccrs would work. I switched the ccrs to net 2 (500) and the LOR controllers to net 1 (56.7) and only the last 4 ccrs would work. No, I did not check the firmware levels on the ccrs. I have tried so many different things I may need to just go back and start over again. May not happen until Wednesday when the rain stops. So far the only way all 16 ccrs will work is to have them split between the two networks. I will try that when the rain quits.
  10. Looks like I will have to go back to a 12 CCR tree so I can get my arches and fan operational.
  11. I can see that I don't have a G3 controller. I have a 1602W controller at firmware ver 4.01. Looking at the LOR web site for firmware and I don't see anything listed for the 1602W. But then again I may not be looking correctly either.
  12. How do I tell what Gen controller I have? Is that something the Hardware Utilitly will tell me? My controllers are several years old.
  13. I am using the G3-MP3 show director. I successfully used it last year with my 12 CCR tree plus star, arches & mini trees. I think I had the CCRs on net 1 and the other stuff on net 2. I decided to upgrade the tree this year to a 16 CCR tree. I can get all the CCRs to work with 12 on net 1 and 4 on net 2. I have the other devices on net 2. I have the outputs configured at 500K. The star will work with one song and not the other. I can not get the arches and mini trees to work at all. I have tried various combinations by moving around where things are connected. I am using purchased
  14. Thank you for sharing. Just downloaded another one to modify to fit my display.
  15. I used the pole pin that Christmas Light Show sells. This straightens the joint considerably. I had not problem with bending. You definitely need something inside the pole at the joint to keep it from bending.
  16. That is the pits to take something when you are actually working on things. They must have been watching and waiting.
  17. James, I would also like a copy. andy1@nexet.net Thank you for sharing. Andy
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