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  1. This sounds like the same problem I am having.
  2. I am using Lexar SD cards. I will try and find some Kingston cards.
  3. I am having a similar problem with the G3-MP3 show director. I can only get one sequence to run and then it has to be by itself on the SD card. I had multiple sequences on the card and the first one would work and then it would quit controlling the lights but the music would still be playing. I have tried several brand new SD cards without success. Sometimes it would only control some of the lights. LOR sent me a new hardware utility and I could not get it to load on my computer. You probably should open a problem ticket with LOR.
  4. I would also like to have a copy. Thank you sharing. andy1@nexet.net
  5. I am still using one that I bought back in 2003. I did have one channel go out that I never had repaired. Other than that ii still works good. I have some others that I have been using for about 10 years with no problems. Over all they are reliable.
  6. Announcing Christmas Light Show is also a sponsor of our mini this year. If any one can come about 10:30 on Saturday morning to help set up tables and chairs it would be appreciated. Every thing is on track for another excellent mini again this year. Matthew and I are looking forward to seeing every one this Saturday.
  7. We usually have between 25 and 30 people in attendance.
  8. Thanks to our sponsors for the Virginia mini. Light-O-Rama Paul Sessel/CDI, Christmas Done Bright and Holiday Lights Express. WOW Lights and Christmas LEDs.com.
  9. Just two weeks until the Virginia Mini. Matthew and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.
  10. The 9th Annual Virginia Mini will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Matthew Satterwhite has graciously offered to host the mini again this year. The location will be HanoverAcademy located at 115 Frances Road in Ashland, VA 23005. Hanover Academy is just off I95 in Ashland which is on the north side of Richmond. The minis are an excellent opportunity to meet with other Christmas lighting enthusiasts to share ideas, design plans, implementation, sequencing or just to meet other with the same goals in Christmas lighting displays. We want to allow time for everyone attending to i
  11. You have done some great work with the 4th of July sequences this year. They will make a good addition to my display. Especially enjoy the Toby Keith one. Will be ordering shortly after I get my taxes paid.
  12. Al, That will make a great door prize.
  13. Great looking bell. You will have to bring it to the mini for show & tell.
  14. Please send me a copy also. Thank you for sharing. andy1@nexet.net
  15. Feeling the blues tonight. Finally got around to turning off the electricity to my display this morning. It was a sunny day so I wound up most of the extension cords and other electrical wires this afternoon while it was still sunny and somewhat warm. Cold weather is blowing in, so I figured I had better get started putting things away before we get snow.
  16. I will second that on buying sequences from Holiday Sequences. They have given me support after I had some problems with their sequences. They are committed to making sure their sequences work.
  17. My show is still running as I didn't get around to turning off the electric today. I guess maybe I didn't want to see a dark field out there. It will probably stay on until this weekend.
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