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  1. You're doing it right, but I think you are experiencing what I found at the very beginning. When trying to select just a single time cell, the color fade tool doesn't take effect. Instead, click on the cell and drag to the right to select more than one cell. Still holding the button, drag back so only a single cell is selected and let go. Seems the colorfade tool wants to do more than one time cell.. Hope I understood what you were experiencing and that helps. dave
  2. image attachement of WMI properties
  3. Mike (and bob_moody) thanks for the responses. I"m more than comfortable doing any level of troubleshooting/debug you can throw at me. Here's a dump of information that you requested. Bottom line, not issues found with WMI repository. I also included the output of the LOR Diagnostic tool. dave System Information: Dell XPS One 2710 Windows 7 SP 1 64 bit 16 GB Ram Intel i7-3770s Display adapter type IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4000 Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution 2560x1440 DirectX version DirectX 10 Wired Ethernet Adapter - Atheros AR8161/8165 PCI-E Gigabit E
  4. I'd like to bring this back to the top of the pile as it is still an issue. I'm on version 3.8.0 and have not yet upgraded because my licenses don't cover the next upgrade. I will buy the upgrade, but haven't done so yet. I'm still having the exact same problem. I've run all windows updates, I've updated all drivers. Only way i get this far is by having it run in XP SP3 compatibility mode. Otherwise it just says no adapters available. Problem: any time you launch the visualizer it will say the assigned adapter is no longer available, go to options to select a new one. When doing so the Op
  5. this was done using minleon triklits.. http://www.3waylabs.com/projects/mc/ no reason you couldn't use other products though. but, as mentioned, the pixel count would get large.. fast.
  6. another I've run into is a missing ground pin on the controller power cord, or one of the extension cords leading to it. or a loose ground wire in the controller. also always check my cat5 cables, but can't remember flicker being caused by bad cat5 or a loose RJ45 jack. (plenty of other odd problems though..)
  7. Another thought. The polarity of the vampire plugs had to be reversed.
  8. looks like you have a snubber on there. I'm going to guess that you changed how the strings were plugged in. Instead of plugging them end to end, you ran a home run for each string. Strings in parallel rather than series.
  9. I did a write-up on our flying sleigh in this post http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/19346-rocky-run-christmas-2011-video/#entry183814 the pictures have disappeared, so here it is again. and the motor assembly (as suggested above, i use two 110v relays to trigger the up and down of the opener).
  10. pdub, I don't think you need to change the configuration of the PS1 at all. If you are sending the E1.31 data on the standard multicast ip and port #'s. these should be: Universe 1 - Multicast - Port 5568 Universe 2 - Multicast - Port 5568 Universe 3 - Multicast - Port 5568 and so on. You then configure the sockets for the universe you want using the DMX command on the PS1.
  11. The E-682 is designed to use multicast only. It will work fine with multicast, I've used many of them this way.
  12. In LOR Network Preferences, try setting the Protocol to Multicast instead of specifying the ip address of the PS1. The PS1 listens to multicast messages from the LOR software. Leave the port #'s at their defaults (5569 for DMX universes, and 8837 for the DMX listener)
  13. i've experienced this with CCP's, with some regular LED light bulbs (the 110v screw in your light socket type), other name brand, and straight from China RGB products. I just have to remember to unplug the lights before my wife gets home and can't get in the garage...
  14. ok.. so the XP SP3 compatibility mode is only a partial fix. You can get it to work with some tweaking, but any time you close and re-launch it will say the assigned adapter is no longer available, go to options to select a new one. When doing so the Options window does not usually allow you to make changes and each time you go to the options dialog it removes 1 character from the Simulation port number. i.e. 30303 becomes 3030 and then 303 and so on. still working it.. hoping not to have to wipe machine. - WIndows 7 home premium 64bit - wired network connection had been stripped down to n
  15. Just a quick note. I had the same problem tonight on an almost new machine. I solved the issue by choosing to run as administrator as above, but also setting compatibility to run as Windows XP SP3
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