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  1. Follow the reset process for the controller, then set the dials to the address you want. One time i managed to use the hardware utility to change the address of one of those controllers by accident.
  2. Stick with the E1.31 controllers you have. 1G network has way more bandwidth to deal with pixels and high channel count. In addition, you can use standard network wireless bridges to eliminate network cables running all over the place.
  3. once I went to sealed LED's on my tomato cages, GFI trips were a thing of the past.......
  4. So what exactly is your configuration ? Please tell us all the hardware you are using, and what version of LOR software and license level you have. What type of dimmer are you using for the regular lights ? Is it a LOR controller ? Since you are a Lighting professional, you might want to consider using DMX E1.31 While the IDMX1000 is a good device to convert LOR protocol to DMX, it is not your only option. While I won't mention any specific products, there are other options to get a DMX control signal out of the LOR software. a E1.31 bridge can be used that can drive generic DMX fixtures, as well as LOR controllers. I run half of my show using the E1.31 DMX and the other half on LOR protocol. While LOR software is not the same as a professional lighting software package (because it was designed for a totally different market) it works very well for a synchronized display that the average consumer would make. Many of the assumptions you may be making based on your experiences with professional equipment may not apply with LOR. I know we can help you get this working, but you need to give us the complete picture
  5. I've been running mine for 7 years with no problems Yes, you can use both ports on the adapter, I do that exact same thing. one port runs out to the ELL and the other runs to 10 controllers The booster supplies accessory power, so it can run the ELL without having to connect it to a controller or it's own power supply.
  6. The Raspberry Pi with the falcon Player can drive a LOR dongle, you just have to configure it. The LOR controller can understand DMX E1.11 (DMX over RS485) A port on your E682 can be configured to output DMX E1.11 (DMX over RS485) and drive your LOR controller. But basically, IF you want to run the LOR controller using E1.31 protocol (DMX over ethernet) you need a E1.31 to E1.11 DMX bridge. DO NOT plug your LOR controller directly into an ethernet port, it will fry either the LOR controller, or the network device you plug it into. Tim
  7. To Play a sequence out of the Editor: Make sure the LOR network is defined in the Network Preferences tab. It sounds like yours should be set to COM3 based on your previous notes. You MUST start the LOR control panel in order to control lights Then make sure control lights is set in the sequence editor (under play control lights) Make sure you have your channels properly assigned in the channel configuration (tools > channel configuration) Tim
  8. The order of the controllers does not matter, neither does the ID, as long as they are unique. (you can skip ID's) your software will not expire. So lets get some basic information: What type of controllers do you have ? What type of RS485 device do you have ? (which LOR dongle) What type of cables are you using to connect the controllers ? Which version of the software are you running ? Have you tested each controller seperatly ? Does the LED stay steady when the controller is hooked up to the computer when the Hardware utility is running ? Have you tried different cables ? Have you tried a reset of the controller by removing the jumper on the board and power cycling the controller, then putting the jumper back ? I suggest you test each controller by itself first. That will help you isolate if you have a bad controller. then go from there. Tim
  9. Like Steven, I made my own external antenna that is in the attic. I based it on the Ramsey Antenna. http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/Tru-Match-FM-Broadcast-Antenna-Kit/dp/B0002OERGC?field_availability=-1&field_browse=6313908011&id=Tru-Match+FM+Broadcast+Antenna+Kit&ie=UTF8&refinementHistory=brandtextbin%2Csubjectbin%2Cprice&searchNodeID=6313908011&searchPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12 I is a very simple vertical Di-Pole inside of the PVC pipe Here is the assembly Guide: https://sourcefmtransmitter.com/wp-content/uploads/TM100-manual.pdf You do not need to use the twin lead wire if you don't have it, plain old 18awg. wire works fine For the baylun (matching transformer) I used one from an old TV antenna system. I spent less than $10 building it. With the Ramsey FM25B, I can get 1/2 mile at night at full power (25mw). With my Eclipse 4000 500mw at full power it goes 5 miles, (i only tested this once to see). The key is now that I have a good antenna, I can dial the power output back to cover the display, but get a clear signal.
  10. if you have a Ramsey FM25 OR a FM30, the output power is adjustable. Look in the users manual. there is a Pot labeled R25 on the board. turn it fully clockwise, this will max out the output to 25mW. You should easily be able to tramsmit 500 feet with it in this position. It could be possible that the output Transistor (the surface mounted component on the back of the board) could be blown, but if it was, you would only get a foot or so of distance. If it is blown, ramsey will sell you a new one. it's kind of small, but with a steady hand, you can replace it. Tim
  11. The Trick to getting LOR to run E1.31 without any LOR USB dongles attached is to remove ALL of the LOR dongles from the network preferences window. And yes, the control Panel Needs to be running to get any output to lights.
  12. You wont have any problems until you get into the 1000's of channels with dmx or cosmic color devices. Tim
  13. We have all made some mistakes due to long setup days. When your tired.... STOP ! As another safety measure, you should not use regular extension cords to extend pixels, or any other low voltage lighting. I understand how tempting it is, because of cost, but you found out the hard way. At least change out the connectors so it is impossible to ever put 120V onto the low voltage items. I hope you were able to recover for this year. Tim
  14. Yes. One FM transmitter. I usually pick the music, but if one of the neighbors really wants a song, then I will sequence it for them. I offer to let them sequence, but when they find out how much time it really takes to produce a full sequence they loose interest in that part of it. It takes years to really become good at sequencing. And a multi house show is much more than just running the same effects on each house. Each house and yard can be different (and should be) and so the challenge is making it all look unique, but seamless. So for example, all the houses might have a element like a wreath that flashes with the beat, but major color changes on each house happen at different times to show that each one is independent. I typically sequence all the houses first, then go back and add in the props in the yards, mega Tree and other items. Another challenging thing I am running into now is that 2 of the houses have RGB pixels, and 4 are standard AC controllers. So the 2 RGB houses can display effects that the others can't. If each house has a theme (like we do) then you can feature that house in a song using the elements in that theme. Right now, you need to figure out how many houses and controllers you will have, how you will use your channels on the houses and props, and lock down your configuration. Then get you channel configuration in the sequence editor and get busy ! Sequencing this will take way more time than you ever thought it could. Tim
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