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  1. OK so I did the software update and now when I try to go through the steps to test it, one stringer comes on and nothing else happens. Last night I could test the lights and now that I’ve done the software update nothing works.
  2. I updated last night. I tried running a test on my lunch break but now it doesn’t work!! I will try again when I get off work this eveningI will try again when I get off work this evening
  3. I got it to work. I had it plugged into my mini director while it was plugged into the computer. As soon as I unplugged it from that the lights came on. Is there a way to test the lights and here the music ? I sure got myself into something this year. My wife bought me a 16 channel starter set up and singing tree. Then I found a guy that was selling four 16 channel controllers and all his lights. I went and got all of it from him. This should be interesting!!
  4. Thank you! It found it that time. I appreciate that. Just curious I plugged in some lights to my controller and hit test and nothing happened and I’m using a sequence I purchased. I went in and tried playing it in the music plays but the lights don’t do anything.
  5. Hello, Im stuck out of the gate. My computer cant find the controller already. It says it cant find the port! I have followed several instructions but still not connecting. Thank you for any help!
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