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  1. 2dwc

    Adding rgb

    Thank you everyone for the replies! Lots of information to absorb and learn but sounds like I could run the few strings I need. I don't have any controllers or RGB yet. The roofline of my house has 4 different profiles ranging from 16 feet to 24 feet. Which would be better...pixels, strips or bulbs? I know I can shorten strips where needed, but not sure about pixels and bulbs.
  2. 2dwc

    Adding rgb

    Hello! Complete newbie here…just received my LOR stuff and haven’t even unboxed it yet. I bought the TSO package with 3 controllers. I want to install permanent lights on the eaves of my house (it’s 3 stories and I need to rent a lift so want to put them up once and leave them) and wanted dumb rgb so I could set the color depending on the season. Looking at pricing, it’s probably better to just get smart rgb and have future flexibility. There would be 4 strips so 4 channels, but may go with 8 just for fun. My question is…can I easily integrate this into the tso package? I’m not familiar with the software yet (pro and bought the editable sequences) but I assume there is a way to reassign channels to an rgb controller? Not asking for detailed instructions (yet) but is it doable or should I just put up a couple different colored strings of lights and call it good? Any advice or tips? I’m retired (so time isn’t an issue) and fairly tech savvy. Question 2…will it run off the minidirector or does it need to be run from a pc (the tso package has the option for a pixel free so I’m assuming the md can handle it…)?
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