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  1. I received my two Pixie8 boxes that each came with a manual and I did see the UCS1903 is the same as WS2811. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. I was told today that the pixels being used are the UCS1903 pixels at .6 watts per bulb at a 9" spacing. They did not know yet how many pixels that would be for the whole roof but will get that info to me. The location of the controller box they will install is located on the small garage on the bottom left of the picture marked with a blue X. They only plan to install one box for the entire roof line in yellow and will power inject when needed. This seems far away from the other side of the house but that is how they are going to install.
  3. Here is what I do know. The spacing is 9"between each pixel and each pixel is .6 watts (according to their web site). They (Trimlight) said they are mounting their boards (which I will not use) inside of the garage to protect it so I would assume I would have to mount the Pixie8's there as well. They will do all of the power injection that is needed. What I am waiting on is the type of pixels. Since the LOR sale is ending today I went ahead and bought 2 Pixie8's as I heard 1 Pixie16 is not always the best option. I hope 2 of the Pixie8 will work
  4. I have reached out to the installers for these questions and will let you know what they say.
  5. I hope someone can help me. I am having a company install 12v Smart RGB pixels on my house and they say they will work with LOR. I have purchased 2 Pixie* controllers based on other threads and want to be sure I have what is needed to run them. Below is a picture of my house where the pixels will be installed. Will 2 Pixie8 controllers be enough for this? Thanks for anyones help.
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