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  1. Got it working. Had to Auto-Configure it set it to Comm 5. My comm 3 and 4 are set-up on bluetooth and wouldn't support a usb.
  2. I have 6 of the Professional, 16 channel, 2 outlet plugs with the blue board. The software is not recognizing unit one. so I have not attempted to chain them just yet. I have rebooted 8 times, reset the channel, updated my Comm 5. Nothing is working, the controller is not found.
  3. Good Morning All, I want to purchase 2 possibly 3 Pixie16 Units. Should I purchase now or is the LOR Summer Sale worth the wait?
  4. Hi all....I'm a frustrated Newbie..... Luckily, I had no problem downloading and working the sequences. However, I have purchased props and and struggling with my light choices. I have read and watched so many videos, that I am now totally confused. I got the Showtime Commercial Controllers....do the lights themselves need to special effect capabilities (dimming, chasing, blinking etc.) Where is the best place to buy the lights in bulk?
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