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  1. I have restarted - several times - I even did a full re-install of software... To answer your question, @k6ccc, no, nothing had been done between the time Sequencer worked and when I went back a couple of hours later to tweak my sequences. But I noticed that Windows wanted to update, so I let it... then, when the Sequencer program still didn't work, I updated again... restarted another several times (this took up most of yesterday), and now I'm back and it still won't open. So I am going to try your suggestion, @MattBrown ... oh another detail: when I first try to open the Control Panel, it too will open its window briefly, then shut down... when I open it the second time, it stays open... this has been happening since the same time Sequencer stopped working... don't know if there is a link.
  2. When I start up the Sequence Editor, the flash screen comes up, then the main screen seems to try to load for a few seconds, then it all disappears! No error message, it's just all gone. The program was working well this morning - actually been working well up until now - but now it just won't start up. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get any information from the programme to tell me at least why it isn't starting? Am running Windows 10 on an old Toshiba Satellite laptop. Meets all hardware requirements.
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