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  1. No need to answer Jim I found the answer on the LOR Site which tell me in no uncertain terms to uninstall S4 before installing S5 - cant get any clearer than that.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I have listened to your words of wisdom and will migrate to S5. Nothing like jumping into the deep end. KL
  3. Thanks for the reply Jim. I am having a blonde moment here. When you say I can have only one version of LOR software on the computer do you mean I can have both S4 and S5 on the computer and can use only one or the other at any given time, or do you mean I have to make a choice and can only have only one of the versions on my computer. I do have a laptop that I use for my show, so I can leave S4 on it and put s5 om my main computer to do the programming etc. I have had a quick look at S5 on a couple of you tube videos. Looks like a whole new learning curve. Exciting and a little dauntin
  4. 170 nodes for Pixie16? That's interesting. When I set mine up in SE4 all I could chose was 50 or 100. Sounds like S5 is the way to go. Thank you again KL
  5. Thank you JR. I will investigate S5 - may be able to play with the demo version if it does not overwrite S4. I will send PM when I have investigated S5 and if I don't want to go that way I'll PM you Yes I have S4 4.14 Pro No its not one tree. Its 15 trees each with 1 string of 100 pixels . 100 pixels chosen because that's the max for the Pixie16 string and thought that would work out better for the tree KL
  6. Hi All. I am totally new to pixels and have 3 x Pixie16 boards I would like to use this coming season I am doing all my sequencing in SE. I am using S4 V4.4.14 and Vi - V4.4.14 I am trying to set up 15 x 100 string mini (Tomato)tree props. Using DMX tree does not work - nothing illuminates in Visualiser at all I have tried doing strings RGB, but that only results in Dumb RGB illumination of the prop. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using something else ? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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