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  1. Double click the Prop in your Preview to open Prop Definition > "Dimming Curve" Drop down box (Top Left) > "PixelCurve --%" for RGB pixels (most folks use 30%) or for AC lights LinearCurve % ... After making preview adjustments - just reopen existing sequences - and recreate your show card.
  2. there are 3 options - 1) Controller Settings - 2) Prop Definition Setting - 3) Sequence Intensity Setting I would choose option 2
  3. As a test that worked in preview (as i tested your definition with same results) I created a > 50 string - 100 Pixel - 1 fold - 4 Quarter (360*) < Sphere just do not add the back 25 strings - as it appears the image gets messed up when change - # of Quarters Else I would think it is something that Matt would have to look into...
  4. Felix & Zuzu > Sold & Delivered.... TSO Showtime Central Add-On Package > Sold.. WowLights 3 Channel Singing Santa > Still Available... New Item Listing: Everything was purchased New this year and has Never been used (thus unneeded extras) 4 x LOR Black 5ft Extension - 12 Volt - 3 Pin > Retail $3.99 each 9 x LOR Green 5ft Extension - 12 Volt - 3 Pin > Retail $3.99 each 9 x LOR Green Dangle - 12 Volt - 3 Pin > Retail $1.99 each 1 x LOR 12V Green Bullet Pixels 50 Count With End Connector - 6" Spacing > Retail $28.95 Includes 9 x Green End Connector Caps LOR End Connectors - Female & Male (String Cut Offs) USPS Flat Rat Shipping Price $90.00 - PayPal Accepted
  5. When you create the prop - in your Prop Definition - you need to configure the controller that will be used too...
  6. Unlike other controllers in the LOR family, the PixCon16 MUST be configured via the Ethernet connection. It is not configured using the standard LOR Hardware Utility, but instead uses the PixCon16 configuration in the LOR Network Preferences program. Open the LOR Network Preferences program - Click Find/Configure Pixcon16 Select the PC Network Adapter that the Pixcon16 is connected to.. Then follow the Manual (Page 19) To use the board with an ELOR (Enhanced LOR) network rather than in E1.31 mode, select the ‘J3/J4’ checkbox. Selecting this box will allow the board to be connected to a LOR Enhanced network at 500K speed and be controlled like all other LOR controllers. Select Pixel Port Setup Tab - Set Starting Channel on Board = 10
  7. Each controller on the assigned network has to have a separate Unit ID and they can not be duplicated.. Start to Pixcon at Unit ID 10 (thus the Unit ID's assigned to the Pixcon are 10-1F) which is 16 separate Unit ID's Start the Pixie16 at unit ID 20 ((thus the Unit ID's assigned to the Pixie16 are 20-2F) which is 16 separate Unit ID's So far with the 2 AC Controllers you have 34 separate Unit ID's - plus the two cosmic controllers
  8. Just be Very Aware of the 12 volt Power Requirements for those Pixels @ that pixel count....
  9. If you purchased the Controller package from LOR - then you will want to add LOR Ends to your Third Party Strings.... Or you can change all the current connectors to a Third Party Brand... Simply put - But a few LOR extensions - cut them in two - you will end up with LOR Connector Ends for your Pixel Strings.... If you buy Third Party Strings with Connectors attached - then you will need a matching Controller End (Dangle)
  10. I will note that you can also select "Color Order" in the S5 Prop Definition
  11. That is, If you can even find someone selling the sequence..
  12. Open existing Sequence - Then upper left menu - click "Sequence" - "Assign Different Preview"
  13. Not sure if those are HolidayCoro incandescent bulbs Holiday Coro Incandescent Singing Bulb Quartet.lpeprop
  14. If just adding Arches - you should be able to run the Pixie Controller along the same "Regular" network with your AC Controllers... If you were to look at any of the LOR sequences - the whole Sequence and both Motion Packs are on a Regular Network New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx
  15. Being new myself - that is also my assumption of how carryover works
  16. Now by double clicking on anything - you can edit - the ID - the Pixel count - the Prop name - String segments - Starting Location (Blue Dot - ie Controller Connection) and data direction - etc you can also drag the string lines to match your layout - I just gave you a single string across to roof
  17. open preview tab - go to button with large Icon with Left Pointing Arrow (Import/Export) then import that preview file
  18. kzziboy Forum Pixie 16 Preview you will have to edit the Unit ID and pixel count in the preview - just did a quick controller preview using your forum picture..
  19. https://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=185 >> https://zdrive.li/wTPjOt
  20. The issue with the Trees is the Size 41x46x4 of the box - considered oversized.. At First i thought she was joking On the Trees I was figuring $50ish On the Santa I was figuring it would cost me $15 to ship..
  21. Also just Google Mapped the address - it is a 5 Hour road trip - 380 mile... Wife said we could road trip it one weekend.. But that does not really help Robert..
  22. Well, I have to post this in the Forum and I hope everybody understands... I just got back from the UPS store and I was told that Ground Shipping for a Tree to New Mexico was $250 and Shipping a Tree to Alabama was $215 It was a complete SHOCK to me and there is no way I can sell and ship them.. Sorry... Also I can not edit my first post - so as to remove post or topic... As if anybody thought $106 for both was excessive - NOT...
  23. Kentucky Will let you know in the morning JR...
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