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  1. click the + sign - next to prop in sequencer - Right Click - hen you can enable channel level - and/or add motion effects
  2. Create a New Group with just that Lollipop - Horizontal Stack - Align Bottoms > then run a chase on that New Prop
  3. It would be nice if the software (showed) the next port assignments based upon Max Circuit count... Although it does seem to carryover to the next port(s) it just does not show it in the prop definition...
  4. Low count mini light > https://aachristmas.com/pages/craft-lights Holiday Coro Prop Files > https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/external/7Qzpz72qGo-Kn3o0?layout=list shopping list Singing Pumpkin ------------------- Outline - 149 - orange 1x100-1x50 stump - 28 - green 1x35 eyes open - 44 - orange 1x50 eyes closed - 38 - orange 2x20 top lip - 50 - orange 1x50 middle lip - 48 - orange 1x50 bottom lip - 72 - orange 1x50-1x35 O lip - 30 - orange 1x35 ah lip - 100 - orange 1x100
  5. Or you can set it with the Dip Switches and be done with it... My thinking is - How many times do you need to change the unit ID, like never...
  6. If using v5.6.6 - "Add" > Gilbert Engineering USA (Online) > Christmas > Hanging Elf - then select Prop - click "Edit" = Wiring View
  7. you would have to edit the "Custom Motion Effect Row(s)" to remove that bulb from one and add to the other
  8. In the Window Frame - you define > Top - Bottom - Sides (which is times 2 to equate both sides) -- By leave a top or bottom value as zero the you can do doors
  9. That is another way of doing it... I just added Pigtails to the Meter - No Rewiring and No need to mess around with the board...
  10. I have been using this little meter (inline) when testing my custom built Pixel Controllers and Pixels... It displays > Amps / Watts / Voltage < I simply attached Pigtails to the Meter and connect between Controller + Pixels.. Amazingly, I found that my Bullet Pixel strings draw more the my C9 Bulb strings https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079JVGRSL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details
  11. Being that you are using LOR trees - the advance configuration is built into the LOR Pixie Controllers.... As LOR uses 8 dumb RGB channels to control 200 smart pixels... you would have to do a custom node layout and add motion effect rows.. When you purchased the trees they came with a node layout (wiring) sheet...
  12. So it is normal... That the HUB assigns the Network to a Port on the Director - and you can not configure which Port to what Network then... As in the first screen shot Port 1 & 3 are assigned Reg Network and port 2 & 4 assigned Aux A.. But I can not switch say Port 3 to say Aux A (as it is grayed out)... So It seems as thought I must connect my Networks according to the Hubs Port Assignments ? I will Figure this more out come xmas - but would think we should be able to use the Dropdown to re-assign them.. Thank You for your reply, Don PS. I know it is just a matter of swapping cables - so was just looking to clarify..
  13. No, Just Reg & Aux A - so should select just 2 ports then? As for Christmas I will use all 4
  14. Yet was able to manually edit the S1Config.cfg file
  15. When creating the Show using the HUB - for a N4-G3-MP3 Director - I select single director and 4 ports - I can not change the Net/Univ - just given option for Reg & Aux A Network (Dropdown Button Grayed out) Is this normal ? I have no issue using Show on demand via PC... Thought I would test N4 Director...
  16. Your License Level shows as basic Plus - how many controllers are you trying to use ? It may be time to upgrade your license
  17. It is actually done in SuperStar... In your S5 sequence - select a motion effect row (or portion there of) for your Pixel Tree - then right click and select insert Superstar effect - auto sequence singing face - add image - add mouth movements... Jerry went through it pretty quick and had the image setup already in the video..
  18. You would have to Add something like one of the Pixel Package's > http://store.lightorama.com/plpipade.html
  19. There was no background - it was the color selection and the actual color of the bulb....
  20. Yup... When in the Hardware Utility if you test with Purple it will look Purple, but not when using the windows color palette in Sequencer.. I have also found that the intensity plays a big factor in the color... Yes it was disappointing to see what looked very good on the PC screen only to be way off when viewing the lights playing outside.. So I just consider it another Lesson learned and another software compensation that needed to be made..
  21. "  JP2 install jumper to connect accessory power to RJ45 jacks.  JP3 is used to connect inputs (interactive show triggers) to the controller.  JP4 install jumper to connect 120Ω termination resistor.  JP5 is used to select some factory the Hardware Utility setting of RGB IC, pixels/string and color order. "
  22. Controller Connector Female > < Male Connector ----------- String 1 --------------------- Female Connector >< Male Connector ----------- String 2 ------------------Female Connector / Cap / Sealed End -]] String 1 will go from bottom to top - string 2 will go from top to bottom (which is 100 pixels folded = 50 up & 50 down) string 1 & 2 will share the same controller port - same for 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, etc.... Edit: Or splice strings together to create a 100 pixel string and run 50 pixel up one mounting strip and the other 50 pixels down a mounting strip (this will save you from using additional connectors - But does have the disadvantage of strips/strings being separated)
  23. Right Click on the existing Prop ** in your sequence **
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