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  1. Just be Very Aware of the 12 volt Power Requirements for those Pixels @ that pixel count....
  2. If you purchased the Controller package from LOR - then you will want to add LOR Ends to your Third Party Strings.... Or you can change all the current connectors to a Third Party Brand... Simply put - But a few LOR extensions - cut them in two - you will end up with LOR Connector Ends for your Pixel Strings.... If you buy Third Party Strings with Connectors attached - then you will need a matching Controller End (Dangle)
  3. I will note that you can also select "Color Order" in the S5 Prop Definition
  4. That is, If you can even find someone selling the sequence..
  5. Open existing Sequence - Then upper left menu - click "Sequence" - "Assign Different Preview"
  6. Not sure if those are HolidayCoro incandescent bulbs Holiday Coro Incandescent Singing Bulb Quartet.lpeprop
  7. If just adding Arches - you should be able to run the Pixie Controller along the same "Regular" network with your AC Controllers... If you were to look at any of the LOR sequences - the whole Sequence and both Motion Packs are on a Regular Network New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx
  8. Being new myself - that is also my assumption of how carryover works
  9. Now by double clicking on anything - you can edit - the ID - the Pixel count - the Prop name - String segments - Starting Location (Blue Dot - ie Controller Connection) and data direction - etc you can also drag the string lines to match your layout - I just gave you a single string across to roof
  10. open preview tab - go to button with large Icon with Left Pointing Arrow (Import/Export) then import that preview file
  11. kzziboy Forum Pixie 16 Preview you will have to edit the Unit ID and pixel count in the preview - just did a quick controller preview using your forum picture..
  12. https://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=185 >> https://zdrive.li/wTPjOt
  13. The issue with the Trees is the Size 41x46x4 of the box - considered oversized.. At First i thought she was joking On the Trees I was figuring $50ish On the Santa I was figuring it would cost me $15 to ship..
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