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  1. Yes I am going to use ac lights not rgb. The pumpkin did go in and I can watch it. But haven't figured out how to do something more than watch the pumpkin and little pumpkins. LOL So you are saying I add a controller and not channels?
  2. I might be wording this wrong. I don't know how to add channels and I need to make a preview. They just had an animated singing pumpkin. and little pumpkins. I need to know how to add that to a preview that I make if I am saying it right. LOL That's why I am trying to add a purchased sequence so I can get if figured out before I need it. Thanks
  3. I bought a sequence from Holiday Coro and the music from amazon. It is Werewolves of London with the singing pumpkins and 8 mini pumpkins. I got it into S 5 ok. And it works. I think I had to load animation to see the pumpkin. I guess my question is. It uses all 16 channels. I am going to have another controller by Halloween so can I add more channels to the existing animated preview? Or do I have to build a preview and somehow add the sequence in? I am going to run the mini director. I am new and getting along fairly well. But still get confused.
  4. My thought was to use the face sequence and audio and save some work as I am new at this. Not sure how to do all the things yet. I sing so think I can do it manually and not sure how to paste the sequence in. I will just keep experimenting. Got lots of time. Just wanted to know if it would work and it seems like it will according to your answers.
  5. Hi I found some christmas sequences at the Holiday Coro site. They say lor S2 and s3. They didn't say anything about s5. I followed suggestions and learning on s5. I was wondering if I purchased one of those sequences would work in the s5 version? Thanks Here's a link to one of them I was looking at. https://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/seq-sctwhitechristmas1.htm
  6. pjpilker


    thanks i found it. just a slow learner. 😉
  7. pjpilker


    "Light O Rama Users Summit. in April. You may want to Register for it when it opens." Where do I find this? I am just getting more confused. I am suppose to have 16 channels and it's down to 14. No archived ones Wan to add them back and can't figure it out. Added a beat channel then read that they don't control anything. Drew some props and can't get them to come up in the sequencer. Thought I would just start fresh and still only came up with 14 channels. I am so lost right now. I've watch several videos by luminous harmony. Can't find how to add the channels
  8. pjpilker


    I downloaded the S5 and got the sequence in. Said something about 2 mismatched channels and archiving or some such thing. It shows in the animation screen that it works. I'll see what I can do. But I'm sure I will have many more questions. I have watched several videos and I will watch S5 vids if I can find them. Thanks for now guys.
  9. pjpilker


    It says 4.4.14 sorry everything was going well till I lost the drawing thing in the animation. I did resize the picture but don't know how to get it in there. So will my license cover S5 and should I download it and start over? I thought I had things figured out and now I am lost. LOL
  10. pjpilker


    I checked my license and this is what it says. I open the commands and it say sequencer editor, pixel editor, super star sequence, and visualizer, among several other things. When I have the sequencer open it looks like a movie tape and says animation when mouse is over it. . Your license covers the latest version, 5.5.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time. LOR Feature Level: Basic PlusSuperStar Feature Level: DemoMax Version: 5.11.* (and any future versions released by February 22, 2022)
  11. pjpilker


    I just recently purchased the Showtime Central starter package. I downloaded the demo last November so got my license this past week when purchased. I was sequencing a song learning how to do it and was using the visualizer. Everything was going well. But now the when I bring the visualizer up there are no tools. The draw thing is gone etc. Can I bring that back or what happened? Totally new. Had a few more channels I wanted to add things in. When I uploaded the picture it did say it was to big but I could use it anyway so I did. Could that have something to do with it?
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