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  1. pjpilker


    OK thanks all. That's what I'm doing and it seems to work. I just thought you were suppose to add the controller. Now I know better. LOL That's why we are called newbies. Thanks again. PJ
  2. pjpilker


    These stars. LOL I try to use that screen capture but it doesn't seem to work. I got to new preview. Add a controller and then all the stars show up in the preview. If I don't do that I seem to be able to get things working. If I can ever get a pic I will load it.
  3. pjpilker


    I understand all that. The naming units different names. It only happens when I load them darn stars. So I am trying in manually and not having a problem
  4. pjpilker


    I have all 4 of the units named different. Unit 1, Unit 2 etc. It just keeps saying they are using the same channel. But doing the rgb thing makes it use 3 channels. I am getting a headache. LOL in the picture I posted. I don't know what to do about it. Do I have to add the controllers or can I just draw and set things and name the channels appropriately.
  5. pjpilker


    This is what happens when I change the shape.
  6. pjpilker


    Sorry I am so full of questions. Good thing I started learning now. Never would have made it for Christmas otherwise. OK here we go. I plan on buying the CMB dumb controller so I can light up my windows and maybe a few other things. Don't want to get into the pixel thing yet. I am going to run a mini director. Anyway when I build my preview I have tried adding the 3 regular controllers and the dumb controller and the channels show up as little stars across the top of the preview. When I try to change these to my props or try to draw one I just get channel conflicts. I've tried everything I can think of and can't fix it. Next I tried just drawing without adding the controllers and that seems to work. No conflicts. I guess my question will be how will the software no if it's a dumb controller or a regular ac controller if I don't tell it? Not sure what I'm doing. Thanks PJ
  7. Ok thanks I'll see what I can find.
  8. Hi. Is there a video or tutorial on how to sequence dumb rgb lights? All I am finding is the smart pixels etc. I've search but not finding anything. Thanks, PJ
  9. pjpilker

    basic plus

    I found it. Thanks again.
  10. pjpilker

    basic plus

    This is the controller I am talking about. At wow lights. https://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=35&Product=528 My next question is how do I add it to my preview? I clicked on add an lor device and don't see it listed. I looked under add an rgb and don't see it there either. Do I use the rgb generic? Can you point me in the right direction. "He said mini-director." He is a she :]
  11. pjpilker

    basic plus

    OK I started out with a one controller package and basic plus S5. During the mad grab sale I snagged 2 more ac controllers which will give me a total of 3. Basic plus says I can run 4 and that will be plenty to start with for me. My question is... I am thinking of getting a dumb rgb controller to just outline windows. Would that count as my other controller and would I have to have a higher license level? I guess I know it would count as a controller. More wondering about the license level. I also bought the mini show director with the fm ready to go. Going to run off sd card. Will the dumb rgb controller work with that? Thanks PJ
  12. I didn't have a clue how to screen capture on pc. Thanks
  13. Yeah!! I figured it out. But what a headache. I think when I downloaded latest version it might have mess with things a bit. But I got it going now. Thanks!!
  14. I had that bottom picture screen show up one other time and it deleted the preview. I don't remember what i clicked. Luckily when I wanted to run the sequence it reimported the preview back in. It says something about restoring versian 11 an older version of the preview, but I don't know if that is what I want to do either
  15. I don't think so. I just used a star from setting it up. But they are star props on stakes. I can easily add one. but it wants to archive the channel. I don't want that to happen.
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