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  1. Thanks for the response KYHI i assume im supposed to import that link into the preview but cant seem to find out how??
  2. Trying to learn my way around preview on s5 and can’t find how to add icicle lights. There’s gotta be an easy way?
  3. Dumb question. In the preview design is start circuit the actual channel? Thought it was the first row but can’t get that number to ever change?
  4. Been setting up my preview on s5 getting it all dialed in. Little confused though. On s4 it was automatically telling you what channels were doing what in the song. I know I need my mini trees connected to the same channels they use for there sequences for it to line up correctly. Do I just look in Wows website to determine which channel they are using for what and then allocate the correct one in the sequencer?
  5. So I made the switch to s5 and I’m unsure about me doing so at this point. Spent a couple hours last night trying to figure it out and def feels more time consuming and not as intuitive. Mabey it is up front but you make up for that down the road. Trying to set up preview. Is it best to add a pic with all my lights and props or add a basic pic then draw in all the props and lights? From what I’m gathering once I creat the first purview it will be alit easier to swap songs in and out using the same preview? Every time I add a new prop or lights I need to assign which channel is powering t
  6. That’s brilliant. I really like that!
  7. Oh man that’s brilliant. I am deffinetly doing that. I’ve been watching how alot of different songs utilize them and that would make it a lot easier. Having two extra channels would be enough for what I’m envisioning at this point anyhow. Thanks for that tip. How many lights did you wrap your mini trees with? I actually purchased the wireless transmitter to simply things for me. I’ve got the controller in a prime spot in the middle which is even hidden nicely behind a big bush. I appreciate your feedback as you seem your understanding my level of utilization at this point.
  8. Totally I’ve been mowing that over. I’m already planning on wrapping them in with 2 colors but would eventually like to be able to control each color. My plan is to figure this out abit this year w one controller then next year add another to be able to utilize what your talking about.
  9. Thanks for the help. Getting things figured out abit now. That was helpful. Was trying to make things easy on myself and just purchase sequences from wow lights. After playing w the visualizer and a sequence I’ve been playing with from them I realize I hate how they have 10 channels to the mini trees. I was planning on having 5 mini trees then allocate those other 5 channels to other lights. After getting into this more using the visualizeer it Seems like it might be more work than I thought to reprogram those 5 other channels or is it easier than it seems??I’m planning on just using a 16 cha
  10. Thank you Jim, after looking more it looks like my software is s4 not s5. So I use visualizer. Is it worth it to upgrade to s5? It looks like there is an option to put a photo if my house in there. Is that the case?
  11. Just getting this figured out for my first show next year. I want to start off real basic and add every year as I get thing figured out. I downloaded a preset sequence from wow lights but can’t figure how to add it into a sequence. Also. Do I need to create a preview of my yard and house before moving forward fo a basic 16 channel display?
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