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  1. So now that I’m getting things figured out more with programming sequences I want to utilize another chancel of my controller. When syncing the sequences I purchased from WOW liights I had a channel at that time I hadn’t assigned to anything. It ended up archiving that channel when I opened the sequence. Is there a way to go back and utilize that channel now?
  2. Hi, ive got my first show all set and ready to go. I’m not a techie so not sure how to best go about this. I would like to go back and edit a couple of the sequences but don’t know how that effects what I’ve already set to go on the show editor. If I’m opening a new sequence on the preview and labeling it something different will what I have currently set to go not be effected? I assume then I have to go recreate a new show utilizing my edited previews. Am I understanding that correctly? Hope that makes sence?
  3. Really good insight guys thanks
  4. All lights on option? I have a very simple system setup for my first show. Just using purchased sequences this year as I’m still learning the ins and outs of all this. I’ve only got about 7 songs planned to run in my show and was wanting to have a 15m break or so every 30m where it just goes to all lights on for 15m to avoid just a nonstop loop of going over and over the same 7 songs. Is this an easy thing to do or?
  5. Yeah.thanks everyone for your help! I got it all sorted out and have a show scheduled and enameled to start. Is there a way to have all channels stay on except for one of the channels (which is strobes) after the show has finished?
  6. I’ve got 6 sequences that seem to be working well in my preview. I do want to modify some of the effect on a few channels which I couldn’t quite figure out. Which effects do you guys use most for this? Also want to start running these sequences in a show and start the setup process outside this weekend and really start testing this. I’ve read through all the material on setting up show but it’s still unclear to me how to do this? Go to toll bar and use show editior or schedule editor? What steps to do from there?
  7. I got it sorted out. And yes I am using the same as prop configuration akd working well. Thanks a lot guys.
  8. Built my own preview etc. hopped on a call with them today and they were super helpful. We discovered one unit ID was wrong which we corrected. I think the way I was opening there sequence was my main issue. Got it up and things are blinking. Now my issue is I’m trying to reassign some of the channels to different lights and it doesn’t seem to be taking. I should be able to do that after adding there sequence correct? Or should I adjust my preview and reassign some of the channels then open up a new file and add the sequence?
  9. I have a call with WOW lights tomorrow to try and troubleshoot what’s going on. Thanks for all the help guys, I’ll keep ya posted how it goes.
  10. If I turn on differnt grids manually they do turn on in my preview. Just cant get WoW lights sequence pulled over and played. After further playing around it looks like its just importing there music file over but no sequence for the lights. I am supposed to start a musical sequence not a animation sequence correct? Thanks for your help again, feel like im so close to getting this
  11. looks like it pulled in there correctly, yes?
  12. By bud I ment Pulls into preview window. looks like I see 16 channels. Labeled as unit 01:01 unit 01:02 unit 01:03 etc…
  13. yeah i dont know. it pullks in the box but nothing
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