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  1. That is fun to watch.. Great Job : ) two words for you.. Duct Tape
  2. I bought 50 boxes of the holiday version.. Do they dim? I got them at lowes for 1.98 as well.
  3. I seem to have found what causes it. If I make the timings too small such as .05, then I get the symptoms. The larger ones works fine.
  4. The problem occurs over any part of the timeline going to the left or right and it moves along as I am going in either direction. Moving the mouse around does not change any timings. I have installed earlier revisions including the 2.8 (I installed it ealier this year) and never had this problem before. One major change is that I am running crossfire. I will try turning that off. I am running 2 x 5770 His cards in a crossfire configuration. I will post the other answers to the questions when I am at the computer. Good questions, never thought of checking it.
  5. Yes, they are all supposed to be equally apart. If I go to any part of the time line it will always be split right down the middle with the left side being equally apart and the right side being random. As I move to the right, the timings on the right will move over to the left side and become equally apart. All the new timings coming in on the right side will be random until they pass over the center and become even. i have a 23 inch monitor running at 1900 resolution so I wonder if thats causing a problem. I tried just moving the window to just half the screen but it was still spli
  6. Here is a closer zoom. Attached files
  7. Hey Bob, They don't change if you are stopped and filling in the squares telling it when to turn on the lights but its hard to work on the right side. You have to move the curser to the right until the section you want to work on is on the left side. Thanks for responding. Here is another picture .. I zoomed in on the one that I sent. David Attached files
  8. One other thing is that I created the show on an earlier version of the software and then imported after installing the new version of the software. When I say upgrade, I meant that I did not install any earlier version of the software before installing the latest version after re imageing the drive. Hopefully that makes sense : ) I am using a 23 inch monitor. I tried moving the window to just have the screen but that did not change anything.
  9. I just recently installed the latest version of the LOR S2 2.8.12 after re imaging the hard drive. I did not upgrade. When I look at the channels and the timing, I see that its fine on the left side of the screen and then half way across the vertical timing lines start to fluctuate. I can move along to the right and what was messed up on the right fixes itself as it moves to the left side of the screen. Here is a screen shot. Any Ideas? Windows 7 64 bit running ati crossfire Attached files
  10. If you use firefox, there is an extension you can get that while watching the video on most sites, allows you to download the video. You can download from youtube, myspace ect.. I use a program called SuperC (free) to convert the file to just a music file or whatever file you want. I also willl use that movie maker program that came with XP and cut the song up if needed if I want to run parts of songs together. Once converted with SuperC then you can use it in the lightorama software and sounds great. Hope this helps. David
  11. You really need an additional 70 songs to have a show. .. Just kidding. I hope to have 3 songs ready. I like the music picks. Favorite things is excellent. I may have to borrow that Idea from you.. David
  12. Very nice show.. Not sure the best way to say this but your show has a lot of depth to it. Looks very big with a theme park quality to it : ) David
  13. I like how you syncronized the drums with the lights on the house. David
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