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  1. I had the greatest dream last night. I had a dream that I ordered all my controllers, director, and lights and I was plugging stuff together.
  2. this is the type of motion I want I create on the roof line and my show. Love the movement/motion of lights. Is all of this pixels? Is that a net on the garage door?
  3. Okay I have a dumb question coming... when the term networking is used. It can be a self contained network correct? (Meaning the cat 5 cables are run from the director(s) to the controller(s) to the devices. And does not need to be connected to the home network.) am I correct?
  4. Hey seriously I just got off work. Thank you everyone. I appreciate everyones help. Sorry for any arguments or misunderstandings I may have caused. I appreciate everyone and the spirit of this forum. @Orville my apologizes for my poor car analogy. I had a feeling someone would own a pinto or whatever car I chose 😉
  5. I originally was going to do bullet nodes by my heart wants c9 on the eaves of my house. Looks like this website has white sting 50ct c9 pixels so I assume I would need to run 3 of these together for my top roof line 25ft each strand? Did I do the math right? 6” spacing for 50 bulbs equals 25ft need to cover 63ft for the top
  6. Thank you so much everyone. I will definitely be tinkering with the demo software to help determine what i need to purchase. This is good advice. I think this will help to provide the structure I need. to answer a couple of questions... @tloganI have no opposition to running cat5 cables. I just prefer the cleaner look but if this is the only way then so be it. good point. About the your house your lights. Depending on how expensive this gets I’m willing to get the controllers but the lights may need to be them. thanks I’ve wanted to justify to my wife(maybe soo
  7. Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️ hmmm not sure where to start. I am ready to buy a kit and start tinkering for Christmas 2021. I need some advice as to what set up to purchase: I want to try and do most of the stuff by myself including the sequencing since I have time to tinker. However I am willing to forgo to sequencing if that is a bit too over ambitious for my first year. here is what i know I want and I just need help determining if this is possible and what setup I need. Me and my two next door neighbors (one to the left and one to the right) want to do something. I am in the midd
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