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  1. That’s a great idea! Actually those snaps could be used a bunch of different ways.
  2. I got the PayPal error message a couple of times and finally actually had to pay with PayPal to complete the transaction.
  3. Greetings Kevinito, So I haven't seen the display at Disney World but I have come up with a method of incorporating strobe like flashes with high powered LED's. I wanted to incorporate high power flashes with out using xenon strobes. Didn't want the danger of having 500v charging capacitors out in the rain. I also wanted to be able to control each flash (after all we are lighting control freaks). So what I do is use a 1-3 watt LED. Sixteen LED strobes are controlled with a LOR 16 channel (CMB-16D-QC) DC board. I only use two boards as my house isn't that big. Instead of having complicated circuits in the flash unit itself, I create the flash in the sequence editor by making a sequence with a timing of .05. This send a very short pulse of DC to the LED strobe. It is a very bright flash. Another benefit with this approach is that it only takes two wires to make the LED strobe work. Each LED is completely independent. So you can sparkle at any speed you want, or do patterns of flashes.
  4. Greetings just a quick note to Orville and others losing expensive materials after opening them up. Orville mentioned that Flex Seal Paste would set up after opening the container. If the material sets up because of oxygen or moisture then a bottle of Bloxygen (available on Amazon) will do the trick. It’s an inert gas that lays on top of the material stopping the material from chemically setting. Works great on oil base paints and many other expensive materials. Doesn’t work on latex paint’s.
  5. Hey thanks for the info! Had no idea these virtual classes existed. Now I’ve got to figure out how to use zoom!
  6. The WS2815 does have two data lines, but they are labeled data IN and data OUT. Not sure if that means they are somehow duplicate. Also there is a different refresh rate between the WS2812 and WS2813/WS2815. The true test is if someone out there is actually using WS2815 12v strips on a pixcon16. Or perhaps someone from the LOR company Genius Bar could chime in. But still interested in my original question. If I end up using 5v strip pixels does power injection have any effect on the 4 amp fuse on a pixcon16?
  7. And you say a ws2813 will operate on a pixcon 16? My understanding is that the ws2813 has two data lines that make it able to bypass a burnout pixel. If you can use a ws2813 on a pixcon16 how do you wire it. Thanks
  8. I thought that the ws2812b strip was only available at 5v. I know that the ws2811 strips are available at 12 v but are often controlled in three LED groups. So would love to hear if the ws2812b strips are available in 12v
  9. Greetings, just designing a new Bethlehem RGB star prop. This is my first try at doing RGB. I have done LOR AC shows for the past couple of years. I have a pixcon16 controller which I have not used as yet. I want to use a number of hi count LED strip lights. I have been looking at ws2812B 5V strip lights with a count of 96 LED's per meter. The longest leg on my star would take 136 LED's. I calculated the wattage for 136 LED's at 40.8 watts or 8.16 amps. Of course the pixcon16 is fused at 4 amps per port. My question is - do I have to break the 136 LED's to a couple of pixel ports or will power injection at one or two points along the strip reduce the load on that pixcon16 4 amp fuse?
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