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  1. Standard L bracket from Home Depot or Lowes. Eye bolts and a steel pipe are all you need to complete the set-up.
  2. Last one in my id setting is 50. The last controller starts at 38. Might be the issue. I'll bump up the number. But, last time I did it, I got all units...
  3. No difference. I think it's a memory issue. At least I can create in the newer computer and transfer to older one running show. I was just hoping it would have been something obvious I missed.
  4. 1 hour, nada. It seems to be a bigger problem when I use, "paste special." Perhaps too much for memory if I try to go to end of the view in the sequence?
  5. Has anyone sequence the Space Odyssey theme, aka "Thus spoke Zarathustra." I want to use that as my start-up sequence. I would like a copy sent to metallus2000@yahoo.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  6. Has anyone run into this issue? I have two computers, the newer one has no issues I-9 processor, 64 GB DD4 ram. The older one, locks up every time I try to cut and paste more than one line. I-5 processor, 32 GB ram Only happens in LOR. The version is S-5 5.5.6. I have no issues on the newer PC copy/pasting. I even have a run command set-up that clears cache. Is there a setting in LOR to fix this?
  7. I used a superstar sequence in a normal channel to test it out. Looks like that might have been the culprit. Re-programming.
  8. I have that in the show. Checking sequences now...
  9. After some of my sequences, I notice that some lights do not go off. I suspect if I use a clean-up sequence, it would help. Thoughts?
  10. In the end, i had to isolate the controller, connected directly to the computer. Ran hardware check, and got it working.
  11. I have gutter guards as well. On our house, the previous owner put l brackets under the gutter, and put an eye hook on them, so you could hang plants. I put a steel pipe(1/2 inch) through the hooks, and hung the dripping icicle lights on it. It is a bit lower than the gutter, but you could do something to get them even. Maybe a piece that attaches temporarily to get them to gutter height. I am still experimenting, but will perfect it after this season for RGB icicles next year, closer to the gutter. So, temporarily hung wife's dripping icicles for this season. You could do a metal pipe under t
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