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  1. My nine channels for the tree are Tree outline, eyes outline (round), eyes closed, blue eyes, then the 5 mouth positions. I think the extra is the blue pupils
  2. I have 3 (CTB16PCg3) 16 channel units. I am using regular LED from store. I made a couple singing trees myself, using 9 channels. I have a few sequences done, and I have 13 unused channels, for adding on. I was thinking of adding some pixels, maybe a tune in sign, can I use the same LOR units for regular lights and pixels??
  3. This will be my first year doing show, and I am very new, and mostly clueless, but starting to put my show together. I will have 32 channels, but I made a singing tree out of 9 of the channels. I use AC lights, just get them at Menards. I have sequenced 2 songs, Grinch and Country Christmas (Loretta Lynn), and have realized to get to my 10-12 song goal I may have to quit my job and barricade myself. I was wondering if anyone had any AC sequences they are willing to share? I’m not sure how that works, but I have read some posts on sharing. I am open to any and all ideas, suggestions, or advice. Thanks in advance
  4. Looking to see if anyone is selling any controllers. I am using AC lights, will be experimenting with pixels, before I add them to show. I purchased a basic + package but could use some more channels
  5. I will be doing my first show for 2021 Christmas. I will be using regular LED lights, synching them with music. I was wondering if there was a spot where we could find where anyone would list their stuff they are selling?
  6. New to this, 2021 will be my first year setting up a show. I will be using the regular LED lights from box stores, and am wanting them to synch with music. I’ll be getting a FM transmitter and will be getting a 16 port LOR to use. Has anyone used, or do they know if you can use, a raspberry pi to run the show so I don’t have to tie up a laptop? Any and all ideas, recommendations, insight, advice is more than welcome. thanks
  7. Thanks for the info. Do you know, if I get a basic starter package, 16 ports, from LOR, and find another CTB 16 port can I run both of those if my starter pack? I hope that makes sense. Thx
  8. Is there a place on here where members can sell their “old” stuff? I would be interested in some AC parts.
  9. I have just decorated our house with LED lights from stores in the past, but would love to add a show. I think, as of now, I want to stay with “regular” LED lights and blink to music, no talking trees or anything like that. My idea is to get started with an assembled LOR 16 output and a whole house FM transmitter 3.0. I have countless questions, starting with, would this be a good starting place for (with the mentioned hardware)? Is there something I’m missing that I will need? Any and all information, insight, recommendations, questions, critiques are welcome. I am really looking forward to diving in here. Thanks in advance
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