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  1. Hi again, working my way through xLights. As in previous years, once the holidays are over the urge to get this underway has wained. I need to set up a carrot and stick scenario for myself so I don't put it off until November again!
  2. Thanks all! Since it will be a learning curve regardless, I may go down the xLights route to start off. Might be exactly what I was hoping for! Todd
  3. Thanks Don! That's probably good advice to jump to v5. Any thoughts regarding laptop vs tower or Mac mini type thing? I think some of my frustration might have been with the laptop's keyboard and all those "special" keys. Of course, I could get a cheap laptop with a full size keyboard I suppose, or even use one of my Mac keyboards. T
  4. Hi all, this is my first post. I purchased a 16 channel controller from WowLights 5 years ago and have yet to get it up and running. Every year I dedicate my time off during the summer to learning the software but I find it so clunky and frustrating that after a couple days I give up. I come from the Mac world (ProTools, Final Cut Pro, etc) where IMHO everything is so much more intuitive and written for creatives. Every year I hope someone will write Mac software that will run this hardware, but I don't think that will never happen, so I'm back to square one. I'm hoping part of my f
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