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  1. Hello fellow light enthusiasts. this summer i bought 6 more controllers to go into my show; however, 1 is a light-of-rama 16 channel controller. you see i have been using d-light controllers for years and was so excited to be able to add to my channel count. this controller is in great shape and looks like a plug and play version. by that i mean it is well put together and looks like it was done at the light-0-rama factory. so i plugged it in with 16 strings of lights and set it to self test the lights and it works great. i am attaching pictures of the model number and the rest of the inside of controller. if you would like to purchase it for $75.00 dollars plus freight unless you live in oklahoma City then we could meet. but here is my email if you would like to contact me. WOLFCREEK1@COX.NET. thank you Allen
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