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  1. Thanks for your quick response. I think I understand what you're suggesting (select area, right-click > Existing Effects (foreground) > Apply Toolbar Hue). However, this seems to only work if you have a blank background. I have a solid color background (blue in this example) with a red chase. See the attached screenshot. I was hoping there was a function to 'select all cells of a certain color', then be able to change their color.
  2. I really like the RGB Floodlights for home exterior use. Is anyone aware of a yard and/or path light version of this? I'd like to find programmable RGB path lights for illuminating a sidewalk and programmable RGB flood/spot lights that point up at landscaping in my yard.
  3. I'm programming an animation in Sequencer (v5.5.8) to be played on my Cosmic Color Bulbs. I'd like to take an existing animation and swap the colors. For example, I have a red chase with a blue background. I'd like to make a new version of it with a white chase over a red background. Is there a way to search for all cells of a certain color in an animation and replace them with a different color?
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