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  1. I was explaining reason why a Shared or Purchased Sequence will need to be customized to your preview away... So it really would not be a practical option... JR. you read a lot more into it then was there... Two others agreed with my post and you confirmed the Doner status of any sequence... Yet I am confused as to the insulting and name calling and assumptive manner displayed towards a different point of view..
  2. And Now we have the response from three forum experts as to "This OP" SHARING request... It is "Intellectual Property "
  3. And Thanks to only one person > Kurt Hassler of www.woodleahillslights.com - for sharing his whole sequence - I was giving that Opportunity........
  4. Everybody is sharing the reasons why they do not share... Which kind of defeats the purpose of this Sharing Section... the truth be told with shared or purchased sequences is several. 1) your prop layout will not match the new sequence. 2) your prop definitions will not match the new sequence. 3) the new sequence may look good for their display - but may not look as good with your display 4) the shared or purchased sequence really just becomes a guide, you can try to follow - not your show... 5) Unless you duplicate the exact layout of the shared or purchased sequence - you will have to customize it to make it your show anyway... 6) Unless you are using the exact same media file and audio duration then the sequence timing will be off.. So in closing a Shared or Purchased Sequence will always be just a Donor Sequence, giving you a little head start.. But, long arms get in the way of that.. The two consistent items between most sequences is Singing Faces and Mega Trees - they share and integrate easily into your display - the other props not so much, and you will find a lot of archived props in yours
  5. It's a very fitting song for the times..
  6. https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2019/02/14/ws2812b-vs-ws2813-addressable-rgb-led-strips-how-are-they-different/ the WS2815 are the 12 volt version - has 2 data lines - 1 of them is a Backup Would assume you would connect both Data inputs to the same controller terminal.. https://www.amazon.com/BTF-LIGHTING-Upgraded-Individually-Addressable-Waterproof/dp/B07LG54F4W?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  7. Any certain reason for using 5 volt over a 12 volt strip ?? 5V x 4A = 20 watts <or> 12V x 4A = 48 watts
  8. KYHI


    Open your preview - click on "String Summary" Tab - verify you are using all 16 channels.. You may be missing props or proper channel assignments
  9. Very Nicely Done... But I am not near that level of Sequencing... Not even sure I have the Artist Ability...
  10. No it is a 50 Pixel Arch - divided into 8 groups of pixels
  11. How do you show an Eight Section Arch as 8 sections in sequencer - so as to sequence by section, not pixel channels
  12. Question - Is that not what a Null Pixel does (Boost the Data Signal) ??
  13. Custom & Advanced props actually use an Excel Grid - the .lpeprop is a .xml file
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