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  1. Got it fixed today. It was a Dip Switch setting. Here is a video of my first show ever. I made the 16x25 pixel tree sequence from scratch using S5/Superstar. A week ago today I didn’t plan on having anything for this year. My LOR shipment came Friday and I scrambled to learn S5 and Superstar and get Lights up, now I have 7 songs on rotation.
  2. Background Info Licenses: S5 Pro, Superstar 1 - 16 Channel AC Controller (Unit 1) 1 Pixie 8 - 16x25 Pixel Tree (Unit 2) Using Mini Director/SD Card My AC controller works both the show and the music are running. Problem: Pixie light is solid red when show starts but Pixels on tree are lighting up. I set network as Regular, Lor/Elor 500k Speed. I tested in house and when this was the issue it was the network and Unit ID (Did that all again outside and Nothing is happening with the pixel tree. I'm so Frustrated and Frozen. HELP!!! please. I'm even will to
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