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  1. Rather than building a second portable hole I purchased one of the steel augers this year for my display. The soil in my yard is mostly clay so one day in October I poured a 5-gallon bucket of water on the spot where I wanted the hole, repeated this for 7 days. I was to screw it in without any problems and it's almost perfectly vertical, that's the biggest challenge. In November I inserted and tightened a 10', 2-inch steel pipe. Added an extension and screwed on my hook head & CCP globe. I did reinforce it with a couple guide wires attached to the hook head. Has been very stable and wo
  2. Here you go, they are all on Amazon.com Joy to the World and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Gary Hoey, Ho! Ho! Hoey: The Complete Collection http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ARSALCC/ref=sr_1_1_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B00ARSAQ5E&qid=1424660931&sr=1-1%3C/a%3E Jingle Bells - Gary Hoey, The Best Of Ho! Ho! Hoey! http://www.amazon.com/Jingle-Bells/dp/B00AP6YTME/ref=sr_1_4?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1424661140&sr=1-4&keywords=Gary+Hoey+Jingle+bells Angels we have Heard on High - Willie Powell, Holiday Vol. 1: Merry Metal Christmas http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CB4BWHS/ref=sr
  3. Yes, Shockwave effect, Radius went from 0 to 9, Width was 3.
  4. Good thing cause there's only another month until football season This year I have both a CCP tree and a CCR grid, it's surprising at how some of the same effects can look so different between the two displays. Here's some SuperStar videos. Joy to the World - CCR grid http://vimeo.com/101808678 Joy to the World - CCP tree http://vimeo.com/101808679 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - CCP tree http://vimeo.com/101808935 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - CCR grid http://vimeo.com/101808682 Jingle Bells - CCP tree http://vimeo.com/101808681 Jingle Bells - CCR grid http://vimeo.com/101808680
  5. I opened it in SuperStar and applied a couple morphs side-to-side and top-to-bottom and it seemed to work as I would expect. But when I imported the visualization into SuperStar it gave me the following error. "Warning: Imported visualizer CCR or CCB string Resolution not set to 50. Set Resolution to 50 in fixture named '48 x 25 CCP Tree #25' " #25 seems to be configured the same as every other odd numbered string so I don't know why it is warning about that particular string. Don't know if that is something that will cause problems later but it didn't seem to be a problem in my brief test
  6. OK, using Ron's suggestion of changing the "Pixels per Bundle" to 25 and then changing from the default to "Create the minimum number of new fixtures. The system will create as many FULL CCR fixtures as required" almost got me there. By changing the Number of Bundles/Fixtures to 32 that creates a tree of 16 CCRs that go Up & Down. But I want 24 CCRs instead of 16. Is the only way to edit the software to allow the Number of Bundles/Fixtures to be a maximum of 48? Surely someone else has run into this?
  7. That kind of works but not the way it should. It creates one CCR of 25 pixels going up and another CCR of 25 pixels going down. So I would have to specify 48 CCRs instead of 24 and then manually change the Unit ID of the downward string to match the upward string and also change the Physical Starting Pixel Number to 26 on the downward string. It doesn't make any sense to me. The only parameter that should change between a tree with CCRs going bottom to top and another with CCRs going bottom-top-bottom is changing "CCR Edge to Center" to "CCR Edge to Center/Center to Edge". I wish I could
  8. I am trying to create a MegaTree in the Visualizer with 12 CCP half strings. It would be just like the sample file 24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee except twice as many strings. As can be seen in the attached screenshot I select CCR Edge to Center/Center to Edge. But in the resulting visualization file all the strings are full length as if I specified CCR Edge to Center. I saw an earlier thread where someone had a same problem but I didn't see a solution. I've tried using both 3.10.6 and 3.10.8. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it. Otherwise could someone post one that
  9. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, summer vacation.. I combine with a main sequence using a subsequence. Thanks
  10. Brian, I'm going to have to go with 5 networks for my show next year with all the RGB lights I have. I was starting to export all the SuperStar sequences to the Sequence Editor and realized that SuperStar only supports 4 networks. Could you please add support for at least one more network in the next release of SuperStar? Otherwise I'm going to have to change my plans. Thanks
  11. For me, the best way to learn was to just start playing with the software. Many times I've tried something and then ended up deleting all of it and starting over. Sometimes the best part of a sequence happens on accident, if you don't have vision of the sequence before you start I would definitely concentrate on Morphs within SuperStar, there are just endless possibilities with morphs. I have purchased sequences from Brian to get me started and then reviewed them in detail if there is a particular effect I want to duplicate. That's another way to learn if you don't have enough time to play w
  12. It's by Gary Hoey, album name is Ho! Ho! Hoey:The Complete Collection http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ARSALCC/ref=sr_1_album_2_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B00ARSASAM&qid=1367765177&sr=1-2
  13. Sharp eye, it wasn't by design. I purchased 1 CCR when they were first released just to play with it. Then twice bought 6 more so I ended up with 13. Last year I used a horizontal grid with lots of text, with text the more CCRs the better. This year I decided to go vertical and I liked having a center CCR to base some of the effects off of.
  14. Here are three of my SuperStar sequences for 2013. Hope they look as good in real life as they do in SuperStar. Winter Wonderland http://vimeo.com/65471383 Carols of the Bells http://vimeo.com/65472129 Sleigh Ride http://vimeo.com/65472130
  15. One of these is the peak-mount model I have. Baird Mounts My star is a wire frame so howling winds don't exert a lot of force on it. I did attach 4 one gallon milk jugs fill with water (which froze) to the base but probably didn't need them. The weight of the frame was enough to keep it stable.
  16. I purchased a non-penetrating roof-mount satellite dish stand and attached my 5' star to that. Expensive but worked very well.
  17. Link for the D-Light forums. http://www.d-light.us/forum/index.php So does your software work with the Firefli's? I have seven of them. Next year I plan on incorporating the Cosmic Color Ribbon and was interested in your software anyway.
  18. Using Audacity fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.
  19. Both are mp3 files purchased from Amazon.com. They are encoded at 256kbps. I did convert the problem mp3 to 128kbps but encountered the exact same problem when trying to play the sequence on the mp3 director.
  20. I recently purchase the LOR1602W w/MP3 show director and am using the LOR 2.0.16 software. Using mp3 files I created two new sequences which play just fine on the computer. I downloaded them to the SD card using the Simple Show Builder. Only one of the two sequences will play. I did notice a red light come on on the mp3 director when the sequence should have played before it moved on to the other sequence which does work. Erased the SD card and used the Hardware Utility to download only the non-working sequence to the SD card. This time the left and center lights on the mp3 director flash
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