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  1. I converted everything to fade, and it looks no different. Only one or two of my 16 channels have lights that can actually fade unfortunately. Bummer, I thought most new LEDs would fade so I bought a bunch. Can you all recommend a specific known brand of LED lights that is best for this kind of stuff?
  2. @LaughsBrightly could you please send to me also? I only have 16 channels, so I hope it works. Thank you! connor@pixelgrill.com
  3. For any other newbies like me who ran across this, here is our ALWAYS ON sequence (LAS and LOREDIT formats). Since we have the stand-alone LOR1602MP3 unit, we just keep this on it's own cheap/small SD card by itself. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZHALfM1QW2Utg7vUcjUpXmqhSoJSZRre?usp=sharing
  4. crobs808


    Ok, well...We did it! My wife and I received our first LOR unit today, the 1602 Pro with MP3 director built in. I LOVE that you just put the SD card in and it auto plays your sequences. So easy!! Anyway, were looking for tips now on cable management, lol. See the photo below. Any and all advice is welcome :)
  5. Cool, I didn't know they could handle that from a power/capability perspective. Wouldn't that make the show look muddy though? A lot of the talking pieces are very quick and close together, so isn't hard ON/OFF the best or what would you recommend (FYI - Yoda's speech is represented by the flashing the green bushes in case it wasn't obvious)
  6. Hi everyone, newbie here, just finished my first 16-channel sequence from scratch. It was a pain, and it is not pretty (just ON/OFF commands since I only have old-school Christmas lights for now), but I wanted to share it for anyone wanting to use it this holiday season. I am still waiting for my hardware to arrive, so I have only tested this with the software preview. TITLE: Bad Lip Reading - Seagulls (Stop It Now) Short Version AUTHOR: Connor Roberts DOWNLOAD: Google Drive LINK (File format is .loredit, not LMS, so you may need software version S5, or higher, to use
  7. Ha, I did the Audacity --> OUTPUTS --> Excel --> XML LMS/LorEdit modification earlier today and it worked alright for the song I am making (Bad Lip Reading - Seagulls, Stop It Now). I am about halfway done with making a 16 channel version of it. :) Used this guide (I still had to go in and so a LOT of splitting) to get the right timing for ON/OFF effects. It did not predict the song that well, so I also ended up copy/pasting "by time" instead of "by cell" which is a FANTASIC feature of the S5 Sequencer software.
  8. Understood. The Tapper Wizard and the "T" option do not help me much. I was hoping there was a way to place an "On" effect while the song was playing. Especially if I could map specific keyboard keys to channels. Programming a song would be a matter of minutes instead of hours for these 16 channel ones, but beggars can't be choosers. ;) Thank you for the help, I am almost done with my first 16-ch song.
  9. Oh, I think I understand your previous reply now (sorry, I am dense). So by pressing T as the song is playing it will just place an actual "ON" in the row on the timeline? What if I hold T down... will it make it longer or will I have to manually do that afterwards? Thank you!
  10. Let me clarify. When I use the tapper wizard, it blinks the square (so I know it is getting my input), but then when I am done and click Apply/Exit it just shows a modified grid (no actual toggles of anything on). That modified grid only has half the number of spaces it needs to, so when I manually click to toggle cells afterwards, things are just constant on, instead of momentary on.
  11. What's the best way to make a sequence? I have tried Midi import (but then those beats are not on my props, AND there are way too many of them, over 16). I have tried Beat and VU detection on an MP3 file and that was disasterous, even though the beat is very clear. I tried manually doing it by toggling on cells when i saw peaks, but that doesn't match when I click play. I also tried the Tap wizard (since I am a musician, and can keep a beat) but it doesn't toggle anything, it just makes grids and those grids aren't correct. It would be SO easy if I could map keyboard characters to channels. Q
  12. Same, interested here too please. Email is connor@pixelgrill.com
  13. Thank you for the quick reply Matt. That's a bummer. I have about 10 more beat channels than I do actual channels on my LOR (29 vs 16) so I'll have to just drop the bass line or something :)
  14. When I import a mid file, I want it to import the notes into my existing prop tracks so I can see it in the preview I made. Right now it is making its own "beat tracks" which aren't tied to my props in the Preview. Any way to automatically map them to my props so I can just import directly and be done? See screenshot (all the notes came in on the beat track, not where I need them on the prop track to light up the lights) Thank you,
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