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  1. MY PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED!!! YAY!!! I was running the S5 software this year for the first time ever. I had two Gen 3 boxes and 1 Gen 1 box. So, I bought another box (Gen 3). Still didn't work. Realized that one of the other boxes needed a firmware update ... Done. Lastly, I ended up messing up a cat5 cable in the process of elimination ... replaced it. We have been up and running for three days now. I AM SO HAPPY. Thx to you guys and the folks at LOR. Christmas is back on !!!
  2. Got it. Yes they are all set with the proper id #s and the proper channels for each.
  3. i assumed they were set up on the same default as the units in order. How do I check that? Sorry for my ignorance.
  4. unit ids are 01, 02, and 03. The hardware did find all 3 units during setup
  5. Brand new S5 loredit files. I started fresh this year using the Superstar addon
  6. Good evening Sir. I, too, am having issues. I hear my show audio, but cannot get my lights to function. I saw where you said you compressed your sequences. I am new to the whole s5 software this year. Can you explain how you did that?
  7. I haven't looked. I can run show and check it. Stand by for update.
  8. Yes, my license issues were handled. Then I had to order a new 485 adapter. Now I am using a PC and cat5 to 3 residential 16 channels boxes. Everything works with the hardware utility. I think it may be my sequences. I hear them playing, but the lights are not coming on. I just found something about the sequence compressor. I have not upgraded anything until this year. It's been 10 years since I started fresh. LOL A bit rusty with the software stuff. Do I need to compress all my sequences with the new software?
  9. I just upgraded to s5 this year with superstar addon. I am only using traditional lights this year. I've several problems and gotten help from LOR folks to get to this point. I set up some new sequences this year. Everything is working in the hardware utility. When I go to start a show for a test run, I hear the music, but the lights are not coming on. Do the sequences need to be saved in a certain file format and location? I am at the point of crying now. I am 9 days late on my regular season beginning and have done everything I know to do. PLEASE, someone give me a direction to work in.
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