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  1. Does anybody have a sequence to Felix Navidad by Jose Feliciano and would like to share? Just taking a long shot here. Merry Christmas everybody
  2. It seems that controller #1 is taking over controller #8 - what I mean is I created a new sequence with only 16 channels , named controller #8 (Road way arches) . When playing that new sequence, controller #1 (Mega Tree) appeared even though I did not create any channels under controller #1. And of course controller #8 (roadway arches) did not light up at all. In the hardware utility when I test the lights to the controllers, all the lights work according to their assigned controller and elements. This is getting weirder all the time I have been using a mac in coherence with Para
  3. Ok. I rebooted computer and the controllers . Nothing changed. The lights on controller #8 (the newest one) either hangs up mid way through song or does not kick in at all. All other controllers work fine . There has to be an answer?????? Any ideas, opinions are welcome. I just don't want to delete an entire controller and the elements connected to it. Just too much work already done on this. Thank you Judy
  4. What does that mean to power cycle them Thank you for your advice
  5. I can reboot computer but how do you reboot controllers. Just do a refresh? I am using the original 7 controllers LOR160x@g3 then added the new one which is residential CTB16PCg3 Thanks so much
  6. What would cause this to happen? I sequenced Amazing Grace - everything shows up on my visualizer. First time using this controller as an add on to my show. When watching the actual show, the elements on controller #8 will appear half way through the song, even though I have sequenced the elements at the beginning of song. It appears quite erratic to say the least. Yet all my other elements work fine. Any ideas??? Help Thanks
  7. What did you use to keep your candy canes so straight? Thanks
  8. 60 controllers....how on earth do you do it? Is you display posted anywhere so I can see it? ie: youtube? This memory leak you mentioned earlier might be why I had glichs last year. Parts of my arc would stay on, then parts of my marty fan - throughout the entire song . I ran the marty fan off a brand new controller last year and changed all my cat5 cables to new but still had the problem. I will try to find the thread so that I can update the software because LOR site does not seem to have anything on it??? Have a great day and I will go shovel more snow..
  9. But wait, does advanced have a limited number of controllers you can use? I notice your software is 3.10 ...... is there a big difference. Should I pay for upgrade?
  10. It says advanced so I'm safe. Thanks for your help
  11. I have S2 software 3.8.0 Anybody know the limitations with this software in respect to # of controllers that can be used? I see the most common advice is to upgrade to advanced but I'm not sure if mine is advanced, basic, basic+ Thanks for your help
  12. That was just what I was looking for. Thank you for the re post
  13. I realize this is an old post, but could you post the sequence again. None of the links seem to be working. Thanks
  14. I should have read on before sending request. Am happy to hear your hanging in there. Take care.
  15. Hi Duke: Sad news indeed. I may be a little late however do you still have items for sale, ie: controllers. Please PM me with a list and asking price. Thanks. Judy
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