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  1. That’s a great tip! I’ll try that now. Thanks much...
  2. Right now, both sides are working again. I’ve unplugged every channel and plugged them back in 1 by 1. Think I’ve narrowed it down to channels 12, 13, and/or 14. But when I was testing, intermittently channels 9-16 would trip a GFI, but the GFI that powers channels 1-8 would not trip, but still no lights on channels 1-8. Was wondering if they were connected inside the controller somehow.
  3. Thanks all for your help! Today is warm and dry, but I’m still tripping. I have the two sides of the controller plugged-in to two separate GFI’s on two different circuits (both with 20 amps). Can someone explain why sometimes if it trips the second GFI (channels 9-16), channels 1-8 won’t turn on either, even though they’re connected to a different GFI and circuit?
  4. Ah - ok. I just thought shutdown was how you turn off lights right after music at a certain time. I’m in a pretty kid-friendly little neighborhood, so I want my last 4-song show to start at 8 and then all lights off. If I’m reading you correctly, I would make the 8pm show in the scheduler run from 8-8:11 (assuming a 12 minute show), and then all the lights will turn off after the last song. Does that sound right? thanks again!
  5. Ok thanks - that’s a big help! Just to clarify, if I want a 4-song show to play at 8pm as my finale, and then for the lights to go out for the night, do I use the shutdown sequence? Or is there a static-off sequence I would use until the end of the time of the schedule?
  6. Ah! Put the animation sequence in the musical tab. Nope - had it in the animation tab. I’ll try that. And then for the shutdown show, I put my show in the musical tab with the animation sequence after it, but then also put an animation in the shutdown tab? I’m not understanding why that’s different than just ending the show at a specific time in the schedule editor...
  7. Great tips! Thanks, all. I tried to build a show that would play once at 6, and then have 15 minutes of filler with animated lights before the next show starting at 6:30. I downloaded the animated lights from LOR, and added them to the show. Somehow, the musical sequences are just running continuously. Did I do something wrong? Thanks again!
  8. Of course tonight I had three cars of people waiting to see the show. I had to tell them it was rained out. When I went to put up a sign, a fourth car pulled up. When the mom saw that it was rained out, she looked at me and said simply, “2020”. Exactly 🤦‍♂️
  9. Hi all - another newbie question. It’s raining today, after a week of snow on the ground. My shows have been running fine with the snow, but today I’m tripping a GFCi on both extension cords powering my LOR 16-channel controller. I’ve got each extension cord plugged into it’s own GFI, but both sides are tripping. My controller is wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag and it’s in a plastic covered bin. It doesn’t look like much or any water has gotten in, but I’m not sure. Any tips to get my show back up and running for tonight? I’ve checked all my tomato-cage trees, house plugs, and Santa con
  10. Haha! Both good answers. I doubt my meager efforts will warrant too many return visits from strangers anyway :-) The majority of people who are stopping by are friends and family (and they come just about every night), so I'd like them to see a few different shows to keep it fresh depending on what time they show up. I've got a sign that says the shows run every 30 minutes, and I've been having the lights turn off in between shows. Your point is taken though, about the fact that my lights will be off for a large portion of the night. I'll have to re-think what I want my lights to do in be
  11. Thanks, Don! That's helpful. So basically, if my songs run 12 minutes then I need to add 18 minutes of animated sequence to run, so that my next show starts at the 30 minute mark. Is that right? In other words, there's no way to build a show in HUB that plays at 6pm then stops, then build a show in Show Editor that also plays and stops. I'd have to build the second show with 18 minutes of filler? Thanks again...
  12. Hi all - newbie question. I'm running S5 for a 16-channel show using LOR and WowLights sequences. I'd like to have 4 songs play at 6pm then stop, then 4 different songs play at 6:30 and stop, etc. throughout the night. I can build a 4 song show using HUB that stops and restarts every 30 minutes, but how do I do that with different shows automatically? I can build multiple shows in Show editor and place them into the Schedule editor, but I don't see an option to have them run every 30 minutes (they just run continuously). Any thoughts? Thanks very much!
  13. Hi - appreciate the help. New to this. I bought a few sequences from LOR and purchased the audio from Amazon. The link in the sequence installer tells you to choose where the audio file is stored on your PC. I did that, and built my first show. Then I realized that I should have normalized the MP3's before pairing them with the purchased sequences. I've now normalized the MP3's using Audacity. When I go back to download the sequences from LOR again and pair them with the newly normalized audio tracks, S5 tells me that there is already a file with that name on my directory and asks me if
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