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  1. Thanks everyone really appreciate the help..
  2. That's what I was thinking. Since I only have one controller and its ID is 1 with channels 1-16 . I am safe to change UNIT ID to 1 and change all start circuit 1-8 in order and 8-16?
  3. Ok guys a little confused here. I am new to LOR and just starting out with the Residential Series 16 Channel Starter Package which I received on January 5th. To date I have been working on getting my monster and Christmas singing faces up and running. I have managed to get them half way going except I have ran into some not really issues just questions. A couple of Questions While purchasing sequences for the faces. I have noticed different file extensions. ---Purchased Files are usually a .lms (exception for Wowlights and they are .exe and install automatically) Is this Cor
  4. interested in LOR CTB16PCG3 Controllers
  5. thanks for the response. Yes, I am having great success with holidaySequences.com but trying to see what more others have...
  6. very nice I started out this year and trying to get some faces up and running. Were are good places to purchase singing faces sequences?
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