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  1. I will look at the setup and rearrange things, thank you.
  2. Other than the power cords needs to supply power to the controller or are you just talking about the show director? The cat5 isn't near any power cords in regards to the show director but of course it's near the power supply cords to the controller
  3. I appreciate everyone's help. I look forward to becoming more knowledgeable with LOR, the software, and actually running my own shows
  4. It's a 50' cat5 cord going from the main director to the first controller
  5. I need help. This is my first year running light o rama products, I purchased the TSO signature series with editable SD card so I am running my show straight from the card. I have the main box/fm transmitter located in my garage. While running the show, it keeps randomly restarting all the way back to the beginning. I tried moving the FM wire around but that obviously didn't help much. Any advice as to what the issue may be? As far as the show goes, I did not change anything. It is as it was sent to me. Thanks!
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