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  1. Thanks everyone… You all are great!
  2. Ok… I’ll give it a try… thanks😁
  3. I have a 16 channel controller from last year. I’m adding another controller and a pixel tree that I ordered at the grab bag sale. I have on the first controller house lights and some yard stuff including one arch (which is using 8 plugs). What I would like to do is add the existing arch to the second controller and add a new arch to the same controller for leaping effects. Of course this is screwing up the old setup. My question is how do I move stuff around in the sequencing so I can add stuff in place of the first arch now that I will have the second controller which will be used up by the leaping arches (16 channels)? I’m sure there is a video on how to do this but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks, Biff
  4. Thanks everyone! Awesome 😁👍
  5. Only did my first light show last year. One 16 channel box. This year I added a pixel tree and another 16 channels. My question is: just buy more extension cords or is it more cost effective to make your own cords? Especially on smaller light displays. Thanks for the input… 😂
  6. Thanks… I’ll see what I can figure out. Thanks for the video links
  7. I the upgrade to pro. Didn’t get the super star sequencer. It pulls up the different effects in the motion controller but I can’t seem to click, drag or anything else to get them to go on to the pixel tree prop that I placed in my preview. Spent about 3 hours trying to insert the motions into the boxes with no avail. Tried to find videos but no luck. Also get a circle with a line drawn through it when clicking on boxes to try to insert a motion…, Any ideas? Nothing should be this hard🤣
  8. I see the basic plus to pro up grade but not a red adapter. Could it be called something else? Also what is it for?
  9. Ok. Thanks for the information. I will get the upgrade and start putting some of this together. It’s crazy how fast Christmas comes now that I started this light show stuff. Thanks again
  10. I do have a question about my software. Currently I have the Basic Plus. What do I need to run designs on the pixel tree? Is the Super star upgrade? Also seen something called motion packs. Bill
  11. Thank you and I will. Thanks again
  12. Thanks! Of course I git busy last night with other stuff but I’ll give it another try this weekend. Thanks for 5he help
  13. It’s the 16 x 25 pixel tree kit from LOR. I’ll check the rest when I get home from work.
  14. Hi everyone… I bought a pixel tree kit at the grab bag sale and now I want to incorporate it within my show that I made last year. I tried to get started last night but not sure what to do. I tried looking up LOR tutorial videos but not sure what I’m looking for because I didn’t see anything specific on pixel. Any help getting this thing started would be greatly appreciated… Thanks
  15. Just received my first pixel tree from LOR and as I was going through it... Looks like it needs a star or something on top. I didn’t see anything on the LOR website. Suggestions?
  16. My experience was awful! Set the alarm for 9:00 and picked out what I wanted and I kept getting a no communication with PayPal try again later. No matter what I did; I was unable to finish the transaction. Finally after about an hour it went through but the item I wanted was gone. Extremely frustrating. I did see that they had about a half our glitch but it was too late.
  17. Biff

    What next?

    Thanks gang! I appreciate all the advice 😁
  18. Biff

    What next?

    Ok guys... Not sure what the heck you are talking about “enhanced” and everything else. What is the best way to learn about pixel lighting? Is there books or should I continue to watch YouTube and LOR website stuff?
  19. Biff

    What next?

    Ok. I will do that also. Thanks
  20. Biff

    What next?

    Thank you. I’ll definitely check into that.
  21. Biff

    What next?

    Thanks everyone for your help with my first year Christmas display. As much of a pain it was; it seems that I’m hooked and want to continue to grow next year. I have only one controller at this time which is dedicated to what I have so far. I would like to add for next year: another controller, a mega tree and dabble into the pixel stuff in other areas. My questions are.... Tree: do I build one or buy the LOR tree (which is only about 6’ tall it looks like). Pixel set up: it looks like the LOR is is a computer board only. Does that connect into the controller box or do I need to install it into another box? And lastly what pixels lights are the best to use? Any help would be greatly appreciate....
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